Currently What?

So I get back from camping and see my Google Reader is exploding with 885 blog posts. And then as I was trying to catch up, I see Currently and had to double check the date. Yep, it's September! When did that happen? I guess while I was camping!

It was gorgeous weather camping...not too hot during the day and not too cold at night. 5 glorious nights by the lake with friends! Nightly fires, day time fun and potlucks. And not to mention baby time because my friend had to leave her hubby with their 3 girls (ages 5,3, and 8 months!) I'll post pics tomorrow!

So I'm loving my new Toms shoes!
Perfect for Fridays :)

I love my Kindle! It was so nice to bring down to the lake and just read. My friend was reading 50 Shades but the book,not on Kindle. She said, "I need a Kindle so people can't tell what book I'm reading." Lol :)

Hard candy...yum! It's perfect when I want a sweet or want to eat. My current faves are cookies and cream, caramel apple, and coffee flavored hard candies.

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  1. Tom's are my Friday shoes too! So comfy...they are like legally wearing slippers to work!

    The Polka-dotted Teacher

  2. Sounds like you have laundry to fold just like me! I've got 4 loads of clean to fold....but, THEY ARE clean!!! ;)

  3. My hubby and I went campin this past weekend too! I've been working on laundry all day. My Toms are my new favorite school shoes. So comfy!
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Klass

  4. I really need to try on a pair of TOMS:)

  5. haha, I enjoy reading my kindle on the beach when I read one Western Romance after the other. I can do so without being mocked by my roommate who doesn't understand my obsession with cowboys. :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  6. Great post!! Thanks for sharing your ideas.


  7. That's great that you already had a sub job. I have 2 advanced jobs lined up, but sometimes I feel anxiety with AM calls! I dont know why - I have been doing this long enough!

  8. Camping is something which should be done only when we get enough time in our life to spend atleast a week without any kind of other work in our mind and i guess Camping jungles would be even more adventures if we compare them to any other outdoors !


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