Wishlist Wednesday: Mad For Math

Hey everyone!

So I tried wishlist weekend and now I'm going to try wishlist Wednesday. And so are some of the other ladies from Owl-Ways Be Inspired!

What does this mean? My pack is 30% off Wed-Fri and one person can win a copy!

Here's a look at what is in this pack.

A link to this in my store.

And now here is a chance for you to win! I'll pick a winner tomorrow. This giveaway is quick!

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Bright Ideas:DIY Classroom Organization and Decor

Hey everyone!

I love when I can make something myself and it actually turns out decent! And it's a bonus when it's decor and organization wrapped into one.

Journey of a Substitute Teacher Classroom Organization and Decor

So I'm linking up again with the: 

 I made this project last summer with a picture frame from the Dollar Tree, a piece of scrapbook paper, and a sharpie.  And this is what I got! You could also type and print this out, but I figure once I tire of this scrapbook paper, I will swap it out with another.

Easy to write on and wipe off!

Now the other DIY I'm showing, I didn't make, but I have made them as gifts before. You need a plastic photo frame that stands (you'll see in the pics below), scrapbook paper,  a post-it note pad, hot glue gun, and any decor elements, like ribbon.

You slip the scrapbook paper in the photostand (again, this is nice if you change room decor and need to swap out). Hot glue the post-its to the frame. Then decorate! I personally like ribbon wrapped around the top.

So there you have it! Easy DIY that look great and keep you organized, while stylish too.

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For more bright ideas, check out the bright ideas link up, with tons of other great bloggers and ideas!

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Orange You Ready For Summer?

Hey everyone!

I am so happy summer vacation is here! It means that I get to relax a little, work on TpT stuff, blog more, Vegas (SDE and TpT conferences) and just in general, hit my refresh button!

To start off, it was one of my teaching besties birthday. I was inspired by those orange themed pins I've seen floating on Pinterest .

So I went to the store and grabbed a few things. Instead of a gift bag, I found a cute orange and white striped tote that will be perfect when she goes to the beach or fun little day trips. Though a student bombarded me as I was speculating, and wanted me to go with the blue and white, I told her I had an idea/theme in mind. She told me this was second best, haha!

I wrote notes (in orange neon sharpie) on all of these and used the word "orange" instead of "aren't". I said that Reese's isn't orange flavored, but comes in an orange package.

 I strapped on a zebra nail file as she loves zebras! Too bad it wasn't orange :) And appropriately, the nail polish color is tangerine haha.
I filled up this water cup with orange and also peach/mango flavored packets. She was delighted with the whole thing!

Then I've been puttering around in the backyard, admiring the berries that are coming along just nicely!

And I must say, I've been enjoying my camera! I'm hopefully headed off to my friend's farm/produce place (I can't call it a stand anymore, like it used to be lol). I'll snap pics of animals hopefully and then shop for cherries, berries, and veggies.  I love summer sooooo much!

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Substitute Preparedness: Reading Series!

Hey everyone!

Nothing like realizing on a Saturday evening that tomorrow is the first day of the month...meaning my monthly series! In my defense, my grandma's 80th birthday party, the end of the year, my subbing, and job hunting has kind of taken over my life the last few weeks.

Ok, enough about that, let's get on to the main attraction!

Sub Tip: This is the time to be applying for jobs!

Teacher Tip: Take a picture of your classroom before you pack up for the year. This way you'll know what it looks like for the next year, without having to remember!

Holidays and Events:

  • June 2: National Safety Month
  • June 14: Flag Day
  • June 15: Father's Day
  • June 21: First Day of Summer
  • July 1: Canada Day
  • July 4: Fourth of July

So I'm 99% sure my dice roll series is done. Then I was thinking, what next? And it hit me... a reading series!

Click here to grab it!

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