Brain Breaks

Well, as I found out this year, I won't always have specials all the time anymore subbing. Bummer! So how will I start breaking up those long times? Free time? Recess? Perhaps, but I think I'll be doing Brain Breaks!

So now I'm on the hunt for brain breaks on Pinterest and on blogs!

I've got a Pinterest board going for Brain Breaks.

I'm obsessed with Koo Koo Kangroo videos!

My favorite of their videos? No Crust.

                  Just Dance Kids are great too! Here's my fave:

Ok, so videos are great, but if you are like me, youtube is blocked to everyone but teachers. So what to do?

Well you could get tips from Rachel Lynette at Minds In Bloom.

Or head over to Flipping For First Grade:

I even saw my Quick Time Fillers repinned as a Brain Break! Though they are not exercises, they are a sort of break!

What do you do for Brain Breaks?


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