Moisturize It!

Hey everyone!

I'm a sucker for beauty products, that's for sure! And for a moment, I was confused when an office supplies company that has sent me promotional products before, contacted me about some body moisturizers and foam, I had to do a double take. And for me, it was a no brainer that I would of course accept the review!

I really liked the moisturizer! It doesn't really have a smell at all. It is kind of weird because it's water resistant and I could tell, but in the winter, I need all the moisturizing I can get!

I love me some cleansing foams! My face felt so clean after using it.

I used this right after the cleansing foam and I liked it!

In Oregon, they've been having problems with people backing up systems with this, so I did not use these. Anyone want them? Lol.

The foam in action! 

Thanks Shoplet for letting me review them! I'll definitely be using the face cleanser and cream!

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Vloggy Friday: Beyond Folly

Hey everyone!

Substitutes are a special kind of people. We hop into any class, we go into the unknown, and it's not always easy. We seem to form a sort of camaraderie, partially out of our job and partially out of necessity. One of my bestie sub friends moved away 2 years ago and I still miss her horribly but we stay in contact. This year there is a brand spanking new sub and I've decided to take her under my wing. Subs have to stick together!

 I got contacted by another substitute, an author substitute, Emil DeAndreis.

He published a book called Beyond Folly, a book about the world of education seen through a substitute's eyes. The substitute, Horton Hagardy, tells several stories of subbing. I found myself connecting to a lot of moments in the stories. This satirical book had me laughing at many parts.

Emil sent me a copy to read. He even autographed it, thank you Emil! And he was gracious enough to send a second copy, also autographed for me to give away to a lucky follower!!!

Someone else was reading this with me.

She got really into it!

I even did a quick vlog about it (I have a new intro!!!!)

It's a quick one, so enter fast :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Throwback Thursday Trio Freebies

Hey Everyone! Happy Thursday!

My sweet friends  Fern and Michelle began their Dynamic Duo monthly giveaways a year ago.  They are both amazing ladies and bloggers!

This week Fern came up with a new idea.  They are going to make one of their normally priced packets free for one day. Yes free!  They  decided to make it an even sweeter deal; they are going to invite a different blogger friend each week to join them. Did you guess who yet? Yep, I'm the third wheel the third person in the trio this week! So be sure to visit their blogs every Thursday to grab the freebies!

Click HERE to download your freebie.

Just a reminder:  You will not be able to leave feedback after we change it back to a paid for lesson. 

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

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Sun Spectacular and a Freebie

Hey everyone!

It was a crazy, busy week, but I survived! And I have a full week ahead of me this week, including a costume party on Friday and I don't have a costume yet! Eek!

I had fun in 5th grade doing solar system learning, in particular, the sun. Each child was to bring in a large Styrofoam ball for the Sun and a smaller one for the Earth.

We were short on small ones but by some miracle, when I went in the staff room at lunch, there were 2 packs on the table next to a sign that said free. I snatched them up and double checked with the secretary to make sure I wasn't imagining them. She said some old lady dropped off her junk and yes, to please take them.

After lunch was ESOL (ELD) and then theme, when they did the Sun project. I said, "How much do you love Ms. T? Look what she has!" I kid you not, there was the EXACT amount for what we needed. The kids were so happy!

So they started by cutting a wedge out so they could show the core.

They used cds to cut out the wedge.

Then they painted the Sun and then the Earth.

I gave them a wire piece to connect the two and a white sticker for them to label the miles between the Sun and Earth.

I think they turned out pretty good! 

I even made a little freebie to go with this :) Click here

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Vloggy Friday: Attention Getters

Hey everyone!

Today I come to you with a vlog about attention getters/signals.

Several blog posts coming up with pictures, ideas, and a giveaway :)

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Monday Made It: Wooden Pumpkins

Hey everyone!

Monday Made It hasn't been seen on my blog for a long time lol. Finally got crafty. Well I was helping kids build them and got to build a set myself! Ok and I was a happy girl that the guys at work made them already, so I didn't have drill or cut wood :)

First you need 3 sizes of wood painted orange. And drill a hole in the top of each.

Then you need some dowels for stems and paint them brown. Don't forget to paint one end brown for the top!

Cut up green wire for vines. We  had a light and a dark green.

Grab a permanent marker to decorate!

Can I say, I love my new iphone camera. Very clear and sharp! And who says you have to be a kid to make one! Thanks dad for stopping by and then deciding to make one lol. Oh and put a dab of wood glue in the hole, stick the stem and vine in and hammer down to make sure it's secure.

Then you decorate with a permanent marker (or paint) and voila! Three pumpkins from wood. SO cute! And you could realistically draw a face on all sides or 2 sides, so you could see from the front and back.

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Flash Sale, Say What?

Hey everyone!

With all good intentions, I was going to blog about something I'd worked with kids on last week. But I wanted to add a freebie with it, so I got delayed. And then low and behold, TpT reached 100 K FB followers and threw a flash sale. And I wanted to get in on the action and threw my store 20%. So until midnight Hawaii time on 10/14, my store is on sale and you get 10% off at checkout when you enter the code FB100K.

I'll be back Monday with a craft I made today! (Instagram users got a sneak peak! My name on there is teacherjourney if you want to stalk me lol )

I made this sign too, isn't it cute?

TpT store link

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A Few Reminders...

Hi everyone!

Just a quick reminder that time is almost out on the 2nd grade Educents bundle!

And a shout out to Enchanted Homeschooling Mom!

They have a members only website with over 260 + printable curriculums, packs, with a one-time, lifetime fee of $15.

I have a review for a book coming up that I'm really excited about and there is a special giveaway with it, so stay tuned!

And did you see my freebie from Sunday?

Click here

Sorry that this was so advertisey, but I didn't want you to miss out on the fab deal and it runs out in 23 hours! Can't wait to post about what I was up to last week!

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Substitute Preparedness #10: It's Sick Season!

Hey everyone!

It's time for my monthly series again, though I'm late posting it today (Grandparents anniversary).

It's also flu/cold/sickness season! There's a strange illness going around at the schools here were the person gets dizzy and then has a head cold, no real sore throat. I just recovered from a regular old cold. So what's a person to do?

1. Wipe down desks, tables, door knobs at the end of every day! I sometimes bring my own wipes to wipe down the keyboard and phone if I know the teacher is sick.

2. Have hand sanitzer at the ready. It may not be soap and water, but at least it helps!

3. Wash your hands regularly. I may become slightly OCD with this lol.

4. Avoid touching your face. Ew germs!

5. Wash shared manipulatives. I  have a friend that dumps the manipulatives in a bucket with a bleach/water mix every Friday.

6. Stay home if you are sick. We love you and we know sharing is caring, but not germs!

Today I have another freebie, one of my roll games, woohoo! Maybe you need this if you are out sick.

Click here to grab it!


Quick Dessert and a Quick Vlog

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week. The main school I sub for (NM) has a salad club that brings salad stuff M-Thurs. Friday they have a potluck. The teacher I'm subbing for the week belongs to this club so I somehow got roped into bringing dessert tomorrow. And then was quickly told I needed to make those 'pretzel thingies' I made at Christmas time when we all brought stuff in for 2 weeks (ah the sweet memories).

So here is my 'pretzel thingy' also known as the poorman's turtle aka Pretzel Rolo Turtles.

That's it! So quick and easy, but shhhh you didn't hear that from me ;)

And I think my iphone is the best for recording a vlog now, so here is a super short test!

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