Groundhog Day

Hey everyone!

Soon we'll be finding out if it's six more weeks winter (nooooo!) or spring!

My friend Alisha from The Bubbly Blonde Teacher has a fabulous pack that I can't wait to use!

Don't know why it got squished, but you get the picture!

Hadar aka Miss Kindergarten, has this adorable craftivity!

Another pal, Heidi from My Not So Elementary Life has a cute craft too!

And can I say, this is the cutest pancake ever?!?

What do you do for Groundhog Day?

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Chinese New Year

Hey everyone!

The Chinese New Year is almost upon us..January 31!

You've already had a chance to grab my Chinese New Year Math Freebie (it's located from my freebie page too).

What else is there to do?

My bloggy buddy Rachel from The Tattooed Teacher has an amazing Chinese New Year pack that I adore! Kids make banners and learn about their signs.

Click here for her store.

Scrounging around on Pinterest, I found this cute craft of where the kids make the scaly body with their hands!

She just free handed the head after copying it from a book.

And this quick decoration, with a gold coin for gold luck (or a penny in this case). The symbol in the middle is for good luck.

What do you do for Chinese New Year? I don't really see that much celebrated around here in the schools, maybe just lanterns, but hardly ever.

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Team Building Activities In The Classroom

Hey everyone!

It's that time of year where the kids are comfortable with each other and the tattling and bickering is picking up again. Well it seems that way to me the last few weeks. I cannot stand tattling. Especially over the little things. How can you stop it? Remind the kids that they are a class and the class is like a family. And one way that can help make them more family again, are team building activities.

Here are some ideas I've used or have seen used.

-Build it! Students get into teams and they all have the same materials like paper, pipe cleaners, blocks, etc. The goal is to construct something that a certain height. Or maybe you have them build something and be the fastest. You can tell them what to create, or how tall, or how fast.

-Fast Writing: All the students start off with a story, but only has 30 seconds (or a minute, depending on your kids) to write. They pass their paper to the next student.The next student continues the story going off of the previous part. At the end, their story should have been written by all their classmates. Funny stories are sure to happen!

-SOS: Students in groups are given a notecard saying they are stranded somewhere. They have to create a list of only 10 things that they can bring off the boat with them. Students have to create a plan of how they would work to get rescued together.

-Human Knot: Everyone stands in a circle and puts their right hand into the middle. They clasp hands with someone across the circle. Then, everyone puts their left hand into the middle of the
circle and clasps the hand of a different person. The group is now in a “knot”. The
object is for the group to untangle itself without releasing anyone’s hand.

-Lilypad Danger: Well I don't know the actual name, but this is what we called it in high school when we did link crew. You have only a certain amount of lilypads aka rubber spots to cross to the other side of the gym, but everyone has to get across, not touch anything besides the rubber marker, and once it's been touched, it gets removed.

For other team building activities in the classroom, you should check out  Team Building Activities For Kids Central. They have team building activities for all age groups, by time allotment, and  for small/large teams. It's a really great resource!

What I love about their website, is that it breaks down each activity into the ages, how long, prep, benefits, and tips. From the Ha-ha game, treasure hunting, to "Get A Little Loud With All Aboard!", there's an activity for your classroom!

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What's Up Washi?!

Hey everyone!

I adore washi tape! If you saw my blog post after Christmas, you saw that I got a washi wheel with 20 washi tapes.

Ignore Checkers photobombing in the background!

What can you do with washi?  Anything really! In a past post, I washified (new word! or washied?) my iPad and storage containers. Currently I washi my daily planner, using it to highlight important events.

I've been going on pinterest and pinning several cute washi ideas. I cannot wait to make my own birthday cards for people using washi!!!

You can use washi for organizing your teacher files.

I've got friends that use washi on their white boards to separate it up for their objectives, washi letter initials, washi light switch plates, and more! If you'd like more ideas, come follow my washi board on pinterest!
Follow Tanja Tlusty's board Washi! on Pinterest.
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Let's Get Healthy!

Hey everyone!

I was doing so good with weight loss and then Vegas...and winter hit and bam! Not so good. But I'm back on track with WW and upping my exercise.

Just like my OLW of believe, I believe I can do this!  I'll be blogging once a month about this, posting recipe links, apps, exercise ideas, etc. That way it's all in one blog post :)

I started at the beginning of this month using the Couch to 5 K app.

You get your choice of trainers. I went with the nice one because I don't feel like being yelled at by a drill sergeant. The fact that I'm doing the app is miracle enough, don't want to be yelled at lol.

You can do 3-5 days a week, but it's 3 minimum. I love that it measures my distance. And I absolutely love that I can have music playing from my playlist!

ActiveNetwork (the C25K company) also has it for 10k they said on their website. It's called 5K-10K (original huh?).

So far, I'm really enjoying it. You warm up walk (I stretch first before all of it), then jog for a little, walk, then jog, etc. Then there is a cool down walk. After the second day, I was already getting faster. But boy did my legs hurt (well I'm also doing the squat challenge for the month and am supposed to do 160 squats today!)

Are you doing C25K? Have you done it? What's your favorite health app?

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Sanitize It!

Hey everyone!

With the flu season hitting full force, I've been cleaning and hand sanitizing it up! I carry a hand sanitizer in my purse and in my car. When CleanSmart contacted me asking if I'd like to try their product out, I said yes of course!

They sent me a moisturizing gel and a hydrating spray.



It's naturally moisturizing, which is fab because I don't like dry hand. It's alcohol free and there is no odor.

Spray in action!

They're a brand spanking new company. Their products are  available online and should be in stores now (or real soon!).

The people at CleanSmart said I could even give a sample away... so go ahead and enter! I'll pic a winner on Monday.

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MLK Mania!

Hey everyone!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is coming (next week!) and I found some ideas that you can do with your students!

My friend Mrs. Jones from TGIF! has this cute craft.

I absolutely love this video! I watched it with the class I was subbing for last year at this time and they enjoyed it so much.

Another bloggy friend, Lyndsey form A Year of Many Firsts has this cute craft in her amazing MLK, Jr. Pack.

I also made a mini pack that focuses on graphic organizers, word wall words, some bio stuff, a writing activity, and my favorite...MLK Quotes.

And it's the low price of $3! Click here.

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Chillin' and Hoppin' Winter Blog Hop

Hey everyone!


Have you made any New Year's resolutions?  Have you made new goals for your professional life, too?  If so, you will probably need some new materials to use with your students.  You are in luck!  Some friends of mine and I have organized a blog hop.  You can hop from blog to blog and get a freebie on each blog.  

We have some amazing prizes for you, too!  
  • Fourteen lucky teachers will win a bundle of lessons.

  • One very lucky teacher will get a $150 gift certificate from Buy, Sell, Teach AND the bundle of prizes.

Be sure to enter the rafflecopter on each blog because each blogger will pick her own winner. The more blogs that you enter, the greater your chances are of winning.

We realize this is a busy time of year so you will have a week to visit our blogs.  The winner will be announced on our Facebook pages the evening of January 19th.  Make sure you follow our Facebook pages!

Click HERE to download my freebie.

Be sure to enter the rafflecopter on each blog because each blogger will choose her own winner!

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Hey everyone!

I have set some goals for myself this year and I truly want to stick to them. Personal, blogging, and TpT! But I'm really excited about doing One Little Word by Ali Edwards. I even signed up for her class. She has a video once a month and printables for us that we work on. At the end of the year, I'll have a scrapbook focusing on my word. I'm so excited about this all! In order to focus on this word, I'll be blogging once a month about it. This might not be your word, but maybe it'll help you!

My word that I picked (and it picked me), is believe. It can encompass so much! Believe in myself. Believe in what I can do. Believe in what can happen. I made some quote/printables.  Feel free to pin for yourself :)

I saw this quote so I had to make a graphic for it. I love it!

I have more, but I think I'll save it for next month when I talk about my OLW. 

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