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Hi everyone! First a quick Oma update. She's eating yogurt but is still super shaky. I really appreciate your sweet comments and prayers. Thank you!

Today I was with a bunch of cutie patootie 1st graders. I know most of them from last year so that helped make our day smoother and I could tell they were so comfortable with me. And even though this is the third week, they have the routines so down, it was smooth.

The teacher has mostly math centers, but throws in a few literacy centers. So today we had:
1) Read the Room
2) Reading books
3) Patterns
4) Number line
5) Count to 20 Math Frame game

I didn't get picks of all the groups though...

Reading books. They did so good!

Table group doing math frame game. Kid with pointers at word wall reading words.

Read the room. They're reading the names on the behavior chart. If they stayed on blue by the end of the day, they earned a penny. And pretty soon the teacher store will open for them to buy things!
Oh and the red, yellow, blue, green paper in the back is the CAFE wall. Love!

This is the number line game. 
They drew two numbers from the bag and placed them in their spots on the number line. They put a green tile for where they need to start counting and a red tile where they stop counting. They did so good! And they didn't know the word number line, so to introduce it, I did hangman style hehe :)

Some of those kiddos just made me giggle today. 

Student: "Ms. T, where's the tissues?"
Me: "Uh, we're standing right next to them!"

Student: "Ms. T, you're my favoritist substitute."
Me: "Thanks."
Student: "You're so nice, that's why. Which student is your favorite?"
Me: (thinking quickly) "Teachers like all their students." (well mostly ;) )
Student: Oh, yeah that's right!


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  1. At least she's eating something--that's a start! :) ----still sending your prayers your way for Grandma!!

    First Grade and Fabulous


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