Time Out Tuesday

I haven't done Time Out Tuesday in foreverrrrrr!

I didn't work today but I met up with one of my besties for some auction talk since I'm in charge of decor. I'm so excited about it, but kind of stressing since we haven't really done anything and it's in about 4 weeks!

Our theme is Hawaiian Luau. We just finalized our decoration styles, our silent auction table themes, and the dining room decor. I've got my work cut out for me! Or should I say Cricuted out for me? My Cricut and I will be seeing a lot of each other soon!

I plan on cutting out fish, turtles, palm trees, tiki heads, surf boards, and hibiscus flowers out of it.

We met over coffee and since her birthday is Friday, I paid for her drink. She was so happy! And I was enjoying my tall skinny latte :)

How does this all tie in to TOT? We sat there and talked about other things besides the auction. Sitting there, sipping coffee with a great friend, and people watching, it just showed me that sometimes we need to take a moment for ourselves.

I've been stressing about the auction, and subbing, and finding a full time job. I'm glad I didn't get called in today because this me and her time over coffee was like a burst of fresh air.

Background courtesy The 3 AM Teacher. Coffee cup: Clker.com



  1. Sometimes it's just nice to have quiet time!! :) Ohh---and a cup of hot cocoa and a cupcake are AWESOME stress relievers for me! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  2. You're absolutely right!!!!!! We do need time for ourselves! I'm going to call a friend and see if she wants to meet up after work tomorrow for a smoothie....instead of staying at school until 6:00 grading papers and prepping! Thanks for the reminder! :-)

    Soaring Through Second


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