Quick Time Filler Math Game

Hello everyone! I'm popping in and blogging before I work a 1/2 day in resource.

Remember my quick time filler post? Click here in case you missed it :)

Well in that post I talked about several games/activities you can do if you have a few minutes of spare time to fill up.

In this post I want to talk about High/Low which is one of my favorite math games! The kids have fun and they are learning.

You only need a white board and dry erase marker or pen and paper. Just something to write with and on!

You set up your board with a t-chart and high on one side and low on the other.

Then you need to set a range (this is numbers 1-50). Younger kids could go lower and older kids can go higher. I've played 1-200 with 4th graders. Then you pick a number in the set. My number is 22. Kids raise their hands and you list the numbers. If the number they say is higher than your number, it goes in the high side. If it's lower, the low side. 

Pretty soon the numbers will narrow down and as you see it's between 21 and 24 and there are only two numbers to pick from and I circled  (well puffied actually) the answer. 

Simple, easy, and fun! The kids get competitive! With older students,  I start off and whoever guesses my number gets to come up and do the next round if there is time.


  1. Thanks for sharing this game! What an easy, yet standards based (more/less) game to use!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been looking for some new games to play with my maths group. This looks fabulous and fun! Can't wait to try it out on Monday!! ~ xx
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

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  4. This is great! Glad I spotted this blog. I ended up here after I browsed for creative things to do with old junk. We’re moving and we have lots of junk that’s left unattended and some toy clutter of our daughter. The latter includes old icecream sticks and I think i can get DD to show these illustrations! as for waste management , I have already contacted a professional waste management service called Junk It. Thanks for sharing the clever ideas. Keep sharing!!


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