Peace Out Baby!

Today is the International Day of Peace. Did you know that? I didn't but I subbed for 2 classes today and they informed me. So we did some peace related things their teacher had left.

I read :
The kids loved the part where it says peace is pizza!

So the kids all came up with ideas of what peace is and wrote them in their journals and drew a picture.
Some of my faves:
*Peace is love.
*Peace is being friends.
*Peace is my family.
*Peace is helping others.
*Peace is closing my eyes.
*Peace is loving others.
*Peace is giving money to those that need it.
*Peace is following your dreams.

Oh and did I mention, these were 2nd graders?

Peace is my class getting to watch a video for a half hour :)

Have a great weekend friends! Peace out!



  1. Yay - I blogged about The Peace Book today, too! Those little peacemakers were lucky to have you share this day with them!

    The Corner On Character

  2. Wow I learned something interesting today. I didn't know there was an International Peace Day. That's cool that your students managed to come up with what peace means to them. Kids are amazing aren't they? As long as they have a willingness to learn and active parents/teachers they soak up things like little sponges! :)


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