Music Rocks!

Hey everyone! Anyone else going crazy with end of the year? I found out I may even be subbing June 11, the second to the last day of school! Yesterday and today were fun, I subbed in  music!

If you follow my FB I posted one pic and then a different one on instagram (my name is teacherjourney if you want to follow!)

We rocked out to an awesome dvd that helps kids learn music theory.

Then when the kinders came in, we were going to watch this one music video. But they were squirrely. I'm sure that's shocking to you lol.

So thankfully  the teacher was logged in and I could access youtube. I think I went up a notch on the cool substitute ranking from the responses I got. And they were ADORABLE dancing all the same time.

The kinders faves?

We had 40 minutes, so we did a lot of dancing. Another teacher and an assistant stopped in because they heard awesome music and they joined in on the dancing too! These are just awesome for music or brain breaks.

I have some more songs and brain breaks on my Pinterest account.

Rock on my friends, rock on!

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Sponsor: Stick It 2 Me

Here's a sponsor of my blog:

Stickit2me™ designs and produces locker decorations and accessories. From magnetic dry erase boards, mirrors, flowers, wall decals, stickers, and more! Stickit2me™ also helps schools, teams, and youth organizations with a new and unique approach on fundraisers. Schools or organizations can receive up to 40%-50% back on each item sold.

They told me that they are also starting to make educational  and classroom decals. That's awesome! There would be so many cool things that you could do with decals.

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Five For Friday

What a WEEK!

It's uber busy and uber fun. But the kids are SO done. Behavior stuff is not fun, but necessary to keep sanity for all!

A look at my week!

PB2 Banana Pancakes
I made banana pancakes, yum!
Just 1 banana, 1 egg, and 2 TBS PB2 (powdered PB)

Library, music, and paint fun from Sunny Days!

Land or Water Game at Journey of a Substitute Teacher
Ocean fun! We tossed the globe and tallied whether their thumb was on land or water. Water won!

Took the kids outside to work on posters for force, energy, and motion on the playground.

Fruits and veggies are snacks every day. Mmmm.

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Summer Bucket List Linky

My plans for summer you say? Well July will be packed, that I do know.

I'm linking up with Cupcake, Hadar, and April for the 2nd annual summer bucket list linky party!

1. Workout! I need to set up a routine so I stick to it in the summer.

2. Relay for Life. I'm on the committee and in charge of entertainment.

3. Bloggy friends. Hopefully meeting up with some in June and in July...

4. VEGAS baby!  There is the I Teach K conference, but I'm going to the Differentiated Instruction Conference and hopefully see Ron Clark! *swoon*

I took this spring break 2010.

5. 10 year reunion. Yep, 10 years already!

6. Day trip to the beach?

7. Do some DIY stuff!

8. Try out new recipes from Pinterest. 

9. Keep working on teacher products! 

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Winners and Thanks

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my giveaways! It was a lot of fun for me and I'm happy to see some new faces here my on my little ol' blog!

I'm announcing the winners now! And I hope to blog next week about what I was up to this week in school!

I'll be sending emails today!

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Bloggy Birthday Bash Day 6

Whew! I'm exhausted haha.

Today I'm giving away a gift card to two people, holla!

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Bloggy Birthday Bash Day 5

Lot's of fun going on, but there is still more!

Today I'm giving two winners the choice of any two items in my store :) 

Stay tuned for tomorrow for another giveaway!!!

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Bloggy Birthday Bash Day 4

Today is my actually bloggy birthday! Happy birthday Journey of a Substitute Teacher, you're 2!

Today my sweet friend April from A Modern Teacher graciously donated a teacher planner! Yay!

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Bloggy Birthday Bash Day 3

Are we having fun yet? I am! Day 3 of my bloggy birthday bash!

Today I'm giving away two copies of my favorite math pack, Mad For Math! It's about dice and dominoes!

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Bloggy Birthday Bash Day 2

Welcome to day two of my bloggy bash!

Today I'm giving away two copies of another one of my fave units, my Happily Ever After fairy tale unit!

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Bloggy Birthday Bash Day 1

Welcome to day one of the partay!

Today I'm kickin' off the party by giving away 2 copies of one of my most FAVE units! That's right, TWO winners!  I use this myself and it's a lifesaver!

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