Editing: COPS and Badge Buddies

Hey everyone!

I'm jealous that some of you are out of school already. Just a few more weeks and I'm there too!

My teacher friend had a few kiddos that were struggling with their editing during writing. They would say they were finished but looking at their paper, there wasn't any punctuation. Talk about a run-on sentence! After giggling as I demonstrated what their paper sounded like in one run-on, we got down to business.

Another teacher friend of mine had a brilliant idea! She'd seen the "COPS" thing on Pinterest and blogs and decided to a spin on it. Cue the badges from Dollar Tree.

This is how I would use them. Pick a few kids that have no problem editing at all. They are the ones that get badges and become "Badge Buddies". When they are done writing, they can pair up with the ones that need that editing help!

Here's a poster I saw on Stephanie's blog:

Of course I had to put my spin on it and also make a few things to go along with this, including a poster and a badge buddy certificate! I mean, any chance to use clip art to make cute things is a good reason, right?

I've added color and b/w versions, along with bullet and non bullet versions. And two badge certificates! This will hopefully make editing more fun!

Click here to grab your freebie

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Summer Wishlist

Hey everyone!

Summer is approaching and I was just thinking about what I want to do this summer when I saw Deanna posted a  10 things I want to do in summer linky!

1. Go to the beach. I never spend enough time there and I love it so much!

2. Practice taking pictures with my Rebel. I seriously love it so much. I've been looking for a class to take because I want to get even better. 

3. Hopefully meet up with some of these fabulous Oregon bloggers again this summer. Or at the least in Vegas...I'm flying down with Sarah! 

4. Vegas baby! I'm going to the SDE Differentiated Instruction conference and the Teachers Pay Teachers conference. Can't wait to hang with my buddies again!

5. Camping! I have basically only been camping once a year. It'll probably still only be Labor Day, but that's alright!

6. Spend more time with friends. I feel like I've hardly seen any until the last few weeks or so.

7.  Read more. I'll finally be able to sit down and just read! Any suggestions?

8. Yard work. The slope needs some much needed love!

9. Working on my work in progress folder of products. Plus I have some fun ideas in store!

10. Just relax. This year has been crazy, tough, and just frustrating. The summer will be a great break for the mind and soul!

What's on your list? Link up with Deanna!

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Day 3 of Year 3: Shopping Spree

Hey everyone!

Day 3 and the last day, boo!  Not only am I going to pick the winners for the bundle later tonight and announce tomorrow, but I'm offering you a chance to be one of three winners to $25 in my store! Woo!

Hurry fast! This ends soon! I'll pick 3 winners.

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Day 2 of Year 3: Flash Freebies and Freebies!

Hey everyone!

Day two of the fun continues! Today on my FB there will be flash freebies. Make sure to follow my FB so you don't miss out!

Here's a sneak peek!

 And I also have three new freebies that will only be found here. Let's get to it, here they are!

And don't forget to enter the bundles I posted yesterday, there's still a little time left before it ends!

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Day 1 of Year 3: Bundles of Fun

Hey everyone!

So today to kick off my 3rd blogiversary, here are some bundles I've put together. I love that some of my bloggy buddies wanted to celebrate too and donated some of their items. Love you friends! You can enter for all 3 bundles. They are all pretty amazing and I would love to win them myself haha!

Bundle #1 :


Here's the rafflecopter for bundle 1!

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Bundle #2

Here's the Rafflecopter for bundle 2!

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Bundle #3

Here's bundle 3's rafflecopter!

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The winners for these bundles will be picked Sunday night and posted Monday (here and on my FB), so enter quickly!

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The Fun Is Starting...

Hey everyone!

Just a heads up that the fun starts tomorrow! I'm nervous and excited haha! Three days of fun! Friends, freebies, and more!

Here's the "schedule". Starting tomorrow, you can enter to win bundles. Then on Saturday, grab some freebies, and on Sunday, I'll pick the winners, plus give three lucky people a $25 shopping spree in my store!

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Booking Across The USA: Representing Oregon

Hey everyone!

     I had so much fun last year representing Oregon with Booking Across the USA, I couldn't pass up the chance again. Then we found out we were going to get a  Travels With Charlie book! I received the Travels With Charlie Way Out West from  Blue Apple Books.

Kids will love learning about the states in the West, learn new facts, and hunt for Charlie in the pictures. Each state page has a picture of the state, with pictures symbols for main things in that state, along with facts and a fun rhyming passage.

Seeing all the fun places Charlie went in the book, inspired me to take Charlie to a few places. Oregon is known for its trees and forests!

Thinking about these places made me think about where I would love to take Charlie if I had the time (beach, mountains, etc). So I've created a freebie to go along with this! I put together  a few interesting facts about Oregon,  some Oregon landmarks, a map, and some Oregon landmark trading cards (or for word walls).

Click here to get it!

Where would you take Charlie?

Check out the other states here!
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