Resources Ahoy!

Hey everyone!

Sometimes you need some resources to help you stay afloat in class.

 Thankfully I have several bloggy friends I can depend on if I'm in a pinch or there are no substitute lesson plans!  One of those bloggy buddies is Nicole from Teaching With Style.

I think one the product of hers that I love to use the most is "In My Honest Opinion." Kids seem to confuse fact and opinion and this pack is a fantastic resource!

It gets them thinking about the differences between opinions and facts and has several writing activities practicing opinion.

Why does it keep me afloat? Because it's a great way to get those kiddos to understand opinion without making me pull my hair haha. It's hard to teach a lesson with opinion when they don't have that schema or true definition of what an opinion is. In comes Nicole to the rescue!

Nicole's pack has kids using the books they read or any book really, and finding parts in the book that are opinion. Love it!

Miss Nelson is Missing opinion...

There's even a cell phone craftivity. So appealing for kids!

Also, my pal Megan from I Teach, What's Your Super Power? is a lifesaver! 

She has these editing posters that have such a cute background to it.

 And it comes in mini-size too. Super easy to have on hand. If a kid forgets to do when revising, just send them to get the ring with the mini-posters on them, or even stash them in their group basket. 

She had me at polka dot and chevron. *swoon*

GUESS WHAT?!?!?! If you leave a comment on this post, you'll be entered for a chance to win an item of your choice from my store! Let me know which product of mine would help keep you afloat! Giveaway closes midnight on Thursday!

 There's a hop going on and you can comment on each post for a chance to win from that person!

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No Cook Overnight Oatmeal

Hey everyone!

As you can see from the title, this post is my monthly health post. I'm OBSESSED with overnight oatmeal. I actually scoffed the first time I saw a post about it. I changed my tune real fast after I had it. I make it several times a week.

What do you need? I use a mason jar to put all the ingredients in.  I use a fruit greek yogurt, but you could do greek yogurt and add fruit later.  I also put rolled oats (also known as old fashioned, but NOT quick oats!) and a bit of chia seed and some almond milk.

Do I use a recipe? In the beginning yes, but now I play around with it. Sometimes I add PB2 (powdered peanut butter). If I use plain or vanilla greek yogurt, then I add a drop or two of stevia to add sweetness.

Here's two recipes that  I alter to get my overnight oatmeal ideas.

Quick and easy. That's it! I switch it up so I don't get bored.
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Ipad Stand

Hey everyone!

One of the best things that I've received is this ipad stand!

Tablet Stand is by Kantek

I love this stand because as you can see from the above pic, there are three notches to move for how I want to view my ipad.

And I can have my ipad vertical or horizontal!

And the best part? The stand is rotating! So if I need to show something to someone, I can just swivel it! I know I'll be using this for recipes instead of propping it or looking at it sideways!

**Thanks to shoplet for letting me review this product.  They have office supplies, office stationary and other products like shirts. This is a completely honest review of the product. All opinions are my own.

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You Asked and I'm Answering

Hey everyone!

First off, thank you to the people that commented with a question! Made me feel like at least I wasn't talking to cyber space haha! A few of you I responded back into a comment, but I'm putting them all here!

Question: What do you carry in your sub bag?

Answer: I carry Mad Libs, a read aloud book, stickers/erasers as rewards (or bribes!), art ideas, and copies from my sub plans or reading activities on TpT.

Question: I'm subbing long term. How do I make the transition easier?

Answer: I've never subbed in long term, but I have an idea of what I would do. I would make sure to visit the class to get to know the kids before hand. I would want to see how the schedule goes, routines, etc. Maybe bring a little gift for the kids? On the first full day, maybe a get to know you game.

Question: What grades do you prefer?

Answer: I love subbing in elementary. K-3 are my faves though!

Question: How do you get your jobs?

Answer: My main district runs through Sadie. The other district, a lady has to call for all the schools.

Question: How do you handle tough kids?

Answer: I get down on their level so I'm not towering over them. Then I talk, not yell at them. Usually something is going on and I want to find out why they are acting out.

Question: What do you do with your photos you post on your blog?

Answer: They're mostly stored in Dropbox. Easy access and there forever (unless I delete them!)

Always feel free to post a question on any blog post or send me an email. I will answer!
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Ask Away!

Hey everyone!

Quick post today! My question is, what questions do you have for me? Is there something you've always wanted to ask a substitute but never have gotten the chance (or didn't want to ask that particular sub? Lol). Here's your opportunity! You can ask me any substitute questions.

Or if you're a sub yourself, ask me questions about subbing! What do I bring in my bag? Or how do I deal with certain situations? Whatever you want!

Oh heck, maybe you want to know what my favorite color can ask those questions too! Those are always fun.

You can either leave a comment down below with your question or send an email my way at if you'd rather do it private. Fine by me!

I do hope I get some questions or I may have to make some up hahaha! Happy Wednesday everyone!
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Valentine's Day Ideas

Hey everyone!

Are you prepping for VD  (doesn't sound right!!)Valentine's Day?  Are you ready for it? I've got some ideas and tips here for you!

I love this idea for decor!

Stoneberry's pin on Pinterest.

This could so be done with washi tape!

And then I saw this neat craft to do with conversation hearts...

Plus you can grab  my Valentine's Day freebie....

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Black History Month

Hey everyone!

This month is Black History Month.

My friend Michelle from Teach 123 has this great Black History Month Pack!

Link to her store.

My friend Lyndsey from A Year of Many Firsts, has this amazing pack!

Her link
There are some crafts in there too!

My schools that I sub for don't really focus so much on this. They do MLK for his birthday and a few will talk about Rosa Parks. I'm hoping to change that, so I started creating some mini units, my American Hero series. And I also have a pack of 12 African-Americans that helped change our history.

How do you celebrate?

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Bright Ideas Hop

Hey everyone!

Do you ever find yourself in the hallway before specials, lunch, or any other transition to another place and find that you are a few minutes early? Happens to me all the time!

The kids start talking, they get louder, and are restless.  But by the time you'd take them back to class, you'd just have to turn around and head back again.  I've been doing some little tricks to help reign the kiddos in and do educational things at the same time, especially with the not wasting a teaching moment thing. And Common Core surrounding us everywhere! And I want to share my bright ideas with you...

 I'm participating in an awesome blog hop, about bright ideas!

-Learning letters? Maybe learn the ASL alphabet!

-It's a great way to practice and review!

- Clip them on a ring and you are ready to go! Switch it out through the year for whatever topic you are on.

-Like the math flash cards, these could also be clipped together on a ring.

What do you do in the hallway?

Check out more great ideas from Amy at The Resource(ful) Room.

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Substitute Preparedness #2: Bitten By The Love Bug

Hey everyone!

Yes I know I usually post this on the first Sunday, but there's another special post tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Substitute Preparedness is the topic today.

     Teaching Tip this month: Valentine's Day is the month. Woohoo! Or not. Leftover candy? You can put it in your prize box, donate it to someone else, or make art projects with them.

Events this month:
  • Winter Olympics- February 7-23
  • Boy Scouts Day -February 8th
  • Valentine's Day-February 14
  • Black History Month-Feb 1-28

Sub Tip: Subbing on Valentine's Day? If there is a party, try to have it at the end of the day. That way the kids aren't hyped up all day.  Have extra time? Have kids make hearts to put up. I've subbed on Valentine's Day a few times. One time there was a party but the teacher had nothing for the kids. I wrote a personalized card for each kid and put hearts up all around the room. They loved it!

And now for the freebie!

Click here or the cover to download it!

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