Sunday, May 15, 2016

We're Five?

Hey everyone,

It is hard to believe that Journey of a Substitute Teacher is five today! What a journey it has been.
From talking to a small audience to a larger one, meeting blogging authors and friends in Vegas, getting hired full time, you've been with me on that journey and I'm forever grateful.

I wanted to do a small, low-key giveaway. I'm giving away 5 $50 shopping sprees in my store over the next few days.

Thanks for sticking with me and supporting me these 5 years!

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Teaching Students About Land and Water

Hey everyone!

My class just finished up their land and water unit. They did an amazing job!

We started off the whole unit with each table group having a plastic box and mixing gravel, sand, clay, and soil to create their land. Each box has a hole that has a plug. I use the kits our school has, from STC.

My kiddos started off with condensation and then precipitation.

They progressed to creating rivers and studying the flow of water from a small hole in a cup to a large one, to one with three holes.

They learned about redirection of water with hills and also saw erosion. They built dams, planted yellow mustard seed to see a natural dam. Learning about how plants stop erosion was an eye opener for them.
 Then they had to be engineers again and create the perfect landscape for no flooding. 

Finally it ended with slideshow presentations from each group and most chose to do theirs  about dams or water.

This unit took us several weeks, but my student never grew tired of it and looked forward to science. Seeing them work together to create and engineer the dams and landscapes was thrilling for me!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Testing Time Already?

Hey everyone!

Blech. It's almost that time of year that many  teachers despise. State testing. Last year was my first year having to prepare students. This year I feel better equipped, especially with the help of Carson -Dellosa. 

The Spectrum kit I got includes a ton of practice pages and test prep pages! 

It comes with these great flashcards that my kids will think is a game.

 The math and LA pages will be great morning and center work. Even homework!

I'm really loving these kinds of pages with two texts, since our state test tends to have these.

My kids also need to have some fun with all this practice and they can do just that with this Interactive Notebooks Science Resource Book

I have a force and motion unit at the end of spring and this will be perfect!

Review Disclaimer: I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received these products for free to review.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Quick Update

Hey everyone!

I've been super quiet on here lately because as you've maybe seen on my IG or FB, I bought a house!

I'll post a house tour soon!

So in the mean time, here's a quick update on what's been going on in school.

I finished my last formal observation of the school year, hurray!

My students thoroughly enjoyed our Oregon Trail unit and we are now in our land and water unit.

I also won an award at my school and was recognized at a school board meeting.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Reflections of 2015

Hey everyone!

2015 was a crazy good year. 4th blogiversary, hired permanently, and so much more!

I'm linking up with these lovely ladies:

I went to Vegas this summer and got to see my blogger and TpT buddies.

My classroom was actually mine to decorate.

I looped with my 3rd grade class and have seen how much they've blossomed.

Figured out a great way to lay out my social studies/science units to match our IB ideals.

And just recently, bought a house. I get the keys in 2016 and move in.

I can't wait to see what else is in store for 2016.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

What's on Your Wishlist?

Hey everyone!

Jen from Teaching in the Tongass has a great linky where we share our top 3 wishlisted items in our stores!

I went to my store and looked at what the top wishlisted items were. I actually had a tie for number 3!

Those are my top wishlisted items! They'll be on sale, along with everything else in my store for the TpT sale!

Thanks again to Jen for hosting this linky!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Oregon Trail: We're Hungry!

Hey everyone!

My students don't want our unit to end and thankfully we still go until January with it. We've had some wagon misfortunes, close calls, and a lot of fun!

I decided since one of the wagon's oxen died, we had a grass fire, and the whole wagon train came down with measles, we need a pioneer fun day. After all, pioneers knew how to have fun too!

Hopscotch in the class!

Cat's cradle, taught by a student expert :)

Using technology to figure out how to make an old fashioned doll. Past and present collide!

End result! 

Then we learned some more things and we kept coming back to chores from the past compared to today's chores. The kids were loving this topic, so I decided to surprise them with a fun day last week. We mad our own butter! I've seen a few variations of the recipe, but here is what I used.

 I spread a checkered cloth down, had some "hardtack" (aka saltines) and some beef jerky. My lantern added a nice touch!

Students shook for a minute, passed it to the next person, and repeat. We shook for about 20 minutes  (we did use heavy whipping cream, so it may be why it took that long).

End results :)

Kids spread some butter on their crackers and nibbled on jerky. They declared it to be the best butter ever! Then they remember Little House on The Prairie put carrots in the cream to make it orange, after one student asked why ours was so white. Though their butter was completely formed, they scraped in carrots that happened to be the school snack that day (fate?!?!?) and shook and colored their butter. So much fun! I love bringing realia into the classroom. Hands-on makes the learning more memorable. 

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