Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Day In the Life Linky

Hey everyone!

I'm linking up with Reagan over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits!

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, I have have the same schedule. Wednesday is late start and we don't get the kids until 9:25, after our PD in the morning.

Teachers are expected to be at school at 7:20. That's my prep time until 7:50. Unless it's Monday and that's my morning PLC with 2nd and 3rd grade until 8:10.

7:55 second bell rings and the kids come in and put the backpacks away and do attendance. I greet all my students individually as they come in. It seriously changes their mood around!

Attendance using my IPEVO whiteboard system. You can tell this was from March :)

8:00-8:15 I teach my reading mini lesson. We use Lucy Calkins, but we occasionally have a unit with  no lesson, like this current unit, poetry and drama. 

This is our rhyming tree. We talked about rhymes in the reading lesson and this chart was completed during our writing lesson.

8:15-9:30 Reading Workshop. I meet with my reading groups, there are reading intervention groups, word work, and independent reading going on.

I also make sure that our anchor chart has been hung up so we can see it!

9:30-9:35 Brain Break. We GoNoodle and a kid usually picks 2 songs.

9:35-10:00 I teach my math lesson, but we start off with review from the day before. I also do a lot of inquiry questions and student led investigations. My school uses Engage NY but wants less direct instruction.

10:00-10:35 Math Centers. I have 4 centers that they go to once a week (no centers on Wednesday). 15 minutes each and when they aren't at a center, they're working on the lesson of the day's problem set. I'm meeting with kids during this time that need extra help. We also throw in snack here after the first center at 10:15.

This is how I first stored them for organization before they go in the center box. This is part of my Mad for Math 2 pack.
                                       I share these with my 2 teammates. Part of our centers.

10:35-11:10 Specials (and my prep time!)

11:10-11:45 Social studies or science. Now we are starting economics. I teach a quick lesson and we do an activity. One of my kids' favorite time of the day. Especially when we did chemistry!

11:45-12:00 10 minute math I do some sort of fast fact fluency thing or sometimes a math game. Lately the kids have been asking me to do Plickers, which is pretty quick and easy!

A student running the game of High/Low. You make a t-chart and put "high" on one side and "low " on the other. They tell the class the range of numbers (1-100 or 1-300, etc.) and they have to guess. My goodness were they horrible when we started! But they've really learned how to narrow down numbers and they practice rounding while they're at it too!

12:00-12:45 Lunch/recess (duty free for me!)

12:45-1:30 Writing Lesson and writing. Again, we use Lucy Calkins. This was taken at the beginning of the year and it's changed since then!

1:30-1:45 Read aloud. I read aloud every day except Wednesday. Kids can sign up to read aloud on Wednesdays, but they have to pay tickets for it. No one wanted to at first and now everyone does!

1:45-2:20 ELD/SLD. My kids go off to Spanish and I teach beginner/early intermediate English to 2nd and 3rd graders.

2:20 dismissal and my after school duty.

If it's Tuesday, I have a mentor meeting after school. If it's Wednesday, my 3rd grade team meeting. Thursday, it's an all staff meeting.

So there you have it... my busy schedule! I'd love to see your schedules, so link up with Reagan!

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Autism Awareness Fundraiser

Hey everyone!

Autism Awareness month starts off tomorrow and goes through all of April. I'm sure that all of us know at least one person with autism.

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Melanie from the Teacher's Lounge put together  bundles of products with the some other TpT sellers. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Autism Speaks.

There are bundles for preK-2, 3-5, and 6-8 you can check out and they are all at a really great price! There are some really amazing products in there and at $20, I think that is a steal. Just click the picture and it'll take you to her store and there are links in the description to the other bundles too. Thanks!

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Technology Fun!

Hey everyone!

I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water here the last few weeks. Formal reading tests, conferences, and now state testing. With 2 out of the 3 behind me, I'm feeling better. I cannot believe March is almost over and I only have a few more months with my kiddos #willnotcry.

Now, I am very thankful that my principal loves technology! He is supportive of my whole blog/TpT thing, which I am so happy and appreciative of!

Then one of my teammates told him I made a website for third grade on weebly and he was excited I love technology so much.
I found out about IPEVO interactive whiteboard system  soon after and a week later got one to pilot!

I can't wait to create new stuff for this! I also can't believe it turns anything into an interactive whiteboard. It worked on my wall when we first installed it! Look for more  info on a blog post coming out tomorrow, the  22nd on Owl-Ways Be Inspired!

Then I had heard about Plickers and decided to test it out (it's free!).

This allows you to ask any questions you want and the kids  rotate their card accordingly to answer A-D. We only used it one day and they were obsessed! This will be great for reviews or assessments! 

I'm feeling blessed that my principal and superintendent love technology and are wanting it in all classrooms!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Found The Gold Freebie Hop!

Hey everyone!

Hello to those of you that came from All Things Apple, hi!!!

Today I'm sharing with you spring writing freebie!

There are a few different writing prompts and they come in line or dotted, depending on your kiddos' levels. Just click the picture :)

Head on over to the sweet, lovely Jen over at Teaching in the Tongass.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Getting Reading Organized With Smead

Hey everyone!

You know I love me some office supplies.

First is a 12 pocket stadium file that has saved me! I use it in my reading groups now. Each group is numbered (1-7) and I put the papers for the week in there. So organized! I like how the stadium file stands up and doesn't take up much space.

Then is the SuperTab tab file folder that a lovely pink for breast cancer awareness. I love the color and I love the big tabs!

Finally is the 3-in-1 SuperTab Section Folders which are great for my guided reading groups. Plenty of spots for paper plus the cool little lock in tab!

See? Three pockets plus a little lock in at the top.

These will all be used in my reading groups and I feel so much more organized!

**This is an honest review. All opinions are mine. I was sent the paper to review in return of a review. Shoplet has other things besides office supplies like medical and more!
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spark of Inspiration Blog Hop: Freebies and Prizes!

Hey everyone!

Hello to those hopping over from Nicole's blog, thanks! I'm happy to be celebrating in this wonderful makeover of our collab blog, complete with a new name! It looks gorgeous.

I made up this little freebie to use in my class as we began learning about the scientific method. The bright colors and a pop of fun.. It's simple but effective! Enjoy!

Comes in black and white, as well as a version without the research step.

Hop on over to Jen's blog next for some more fun!

Keep hopping through all our blogs for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card or a $50 gift card, two winners!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday, February 16, 2015

A Little Bit of This and A Bit of That...

Hey everyone!

Hmmm, where to begin?

School is super busy! It seems like the school year is flying by. We've done world cultures and are now starting chemistry, which my kids absolutely adore!


Finished our time and measurement math unit and are on to multiplication again, this time with numbers 6-9.

We have also finished our nonfiction unit and are on fables, myths, and folktales. I tell you though, nonfiction has piqued my kids reading appetite! They have never read so much as this unit and the nonfiction bug is still in them lol.

One of my students moved but then I got a new student. We are gearing up for state testing. So not ready, but I do a test prep Wednesday and I told my kids that because I care about them, that's why I help them get ready.

I survived Valentine's Day and the party. The kids loved this heart on the mirror, because when they took a drink, their face appeared in the heart!

I got a cart of 30 ipads, with the stipulation that 10 are for each of the third grade rooms (we have 3) and that afterschool club will use my room for 1/2 an hour because it's their ipads. Yep, I agreed! Lol.

On a sad personal note, if you follow me on IG you already know, my beloved Checkers had to be put down at the end of last month. It was time. She was 14, old, losing her appetite, and then the day before I made the decision, her legs gave out. Still in a funk about it, but every day is a little better.

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