Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday: Digraphs Bundle Set

Hey everyone!

Wishlist Wednesday again! Oh boy it's a two-fer today!

It's 30% off the next three days and you also have a  chance to win it. These are some of my fave products too and the kids had fun using it in class! It's a steal for $7!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday: Space Unit

Hey everyone!

Back with Wishlist Wednesday.

This week I'm giving away a copy of my Blasting Off Into Space: Space Unit Pack! It'll also be 30% off until Friday (or longer if I forget like the last few times lol).

I'll pick a winner at the end of today!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

No Teacher Stuff Today

Hey everyone!

Today has been one of those productive days, though nothing teaching related. Just meal prepped for the week, worked out, did the dishes, garbage, cleaned up part of the house, and picked berries while listening to country music.

Yes, this is a non teaching post.  But that's ok, because this is part of my life, a side you don't necessarily always see (unless you follow me on IG @teacherjourney). I'm normal. Well mostly, haha!

Sometimes we need those "non teaching" days. It's good for the mind and the soul. I found myself smiling about little things too. Why am I typing this? Just call it your reminder to pause and take a breath. Focus on you, even if it's for part of a day.

So stop and smell the figs...or roses :)

What do you do to relax? 

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bright Ideas: Photo Prompts and Writing

Hey everyone!

It's time for some bright ideas!

This time I'm sharing my ideas about photo prompts. Now, there are a lot online that you can find. Or you can take some pictures yourself! But the possibilities are endless with what you can do with them!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

And I'm linking up with:

Students could do all sorts of narrative writing with this picture. They could write about a time they saw a rainbow. Or write an imaginative bit about the rainbow (or should I say rainbows, as it a double one). 

Descriptive writing about these tulips would be fun. Students could describe the flowers from the colors to their smells (and they did smell incredible!).

 Students can infer from real photo prompts. Here we have my cousin Landon. What would you infer happened in this picture? I'll wait a moment... if you guessed he just smashed into his birthday cake (he's one!), you would have inferred correctly!
I love getting students going with opinion. Usually it is about sports teams. They like to say their team is the best, but then cannot defend their reasoning. "Because" is not a reasonable answer. This example above is my friend's dog and my cat. The opinion could be which is a better pet, a cat or a dog. You could place any two pictures, sports teams, beach/mountain, etc. 

Ah, informative writing. Where you have to explain how to do something. Here's my dad building a pumpkin trio. I guess this picture would actually be double informative, because I taught him how to do it and now he's showing you!  What would be even more fabulous, is having kids bring in real photos of them doing whatever they are writing about.  (And if you were wondering, they did turn out cute!)

Research writing. I had a few ideas about this. The teacher could post a photo for students to research. Or, for example, put a picture of the ocean and tell students they have to research something that lives in that habitat. Third, students could bring in pictures to go with what they researched. Here, we observed my friend's dog Sierra eating peanut butter ice cream. I know most dogs love peanut butter, but I didn't know if she would like ice cream. So I 'researched' by buying some when I dog sat. Conclusion? There was not a drop left!. 

Real photo prompts can bring writing to a whole new level, especially if students get invested with it. Now with many classrooms having iPads, students could even use those to take pictures in class for their writing.

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For more bright ideas, check out the bright ideas link up, with tons of other great bloggers and ideas!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

5 Tips For Teaching Time

Hey everyone!

When a friend approached me and said that her second grade kiddos were struggling to tell time, and she had no resources to go with time, I knew I had to help. I found some great tips in helping her!

Teaching Special thinkers had cubes to help teach time. Five cubes in one color for five minutes and alternated colors. I think this is a great way for kids to get hands on with time and it is very visual.

First Grade Wow used a hula hoop for making a clock. I've seen large and small variations on Pinterest of the hula hoop clocks. In one, the kids were the hands on the clock!

On this blog, the kids make their own clocks from two paper plates. Cheap and simple! The clock on the front flips up to show how many minutes underneath.

And I've seen this is a few classrooms. How cute does the clock look now?
So cute!

Finally, I created a unit for my friend. It has a little of everything!

Teaching Time

Teaching Time

Kids read the analog clock and figure out what it says digitally. Then they can write on the analog clock to the hour, half hour, quarter to , and quarter past. 

They can write on the digital clock to the hour, half hour, quarter to , and quarter past. Second grade CCSS require kiddos to do time to the five minutes, so  I threw these in there.

Elapsed time activities, CCSS also say kiddos need to know A.M. and P.M. There's also cut and paste and interactive notebook pages too!

Here's the link to it in my store!

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

More Than Just A Trip

Hey everyone!

I am back from Vegas. I have no voice, but it was worth it because I got to chat with my friends and some of you! I loved, loved, loved meeting everyone. Oh gosh, now I'm tearing up. This trip, I just can't even explain. Life changing. Motivation. Inspirational. Supercharged (TpT had that as their slogan for the conference and it fit that to a 'T').

I see you guys on FB, IG, and blogs. I see your little profile picture, hear your stories, get a glimpse of your life. But then, I got to meet you. See you in person. Physically hug you. And perhaps scream your name or shout out in glee when the logo I see became a real person standing in front of me.

I did go to a day at the DI Conference and it was amazing. I saw Dave Burgess and Rick Wormelli, to name a few.

The blogger meet up was AMAZING. Intense to say the least. Imagine a room of 500+ teachers packed together, talking for 3 hours straight. Now you know why I lost my voice. SO WORTH IT. I may have looked a hot mess at the end, but I don't care. I met SO many people. "Friends" I've talked to/with online for 2+ years.

I met Melonheadz! And Kimberly Geswein (I almost typed out Guess-wine! Lol). Angela Watson and sooooo many more. I barely took any pictures, so some of these are snagged.

And I also met the man that has changed my life. Need I say his name? Well, I am anyway. Paul <3

This was the TpT happy hour. I got to hug on Amy again. And see some of my besties (do you recognize them?)

And I did leave the Venetian. But not much haha! Went on the High Roller and saw Love (Beatles Cirque show). Amazing!

Yes, I got some #teacherswag and info from the conferences. But I'm walking away with so much more, all these new (and old) friendships, the best souvenir you could have.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday: Chalkboard Room Decor

Hey everyone!

I'm in  Vegas right now and tonight I'll be meeting up with toooons of bloggers. I am still doing Wishlist Wednesday and a giveaway, the person just won't get their prize until this weekend when I get back, because I'll just have my iPad in Vegas.  I plan on not working on products while I'm there, but with the TpT Conference and many bloggers, still working!

Ok, here is this week's wishlist.

It's my Chalkboard Room Decor pack!

Ok, so here ya go!

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