Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bright Idea: Laminated Paper

Hey everyone!

I am excited about my bright idea this month. I'm sure it's been done before, but I became a little obsessed with....

All I did was take a paper (well three papers for my three classes at the time) and run it through the laminator. Yes, they are too big so there was a little overhang on each end I trimmed off, but not too much, so I'm happy. Excuse the poor pics, I used my iPhone and not my pretty camera lol. #donttrustthekids

Even the kids noticed that I was using "plastic" paper and thought it was fun. Why use it? I had limited white board use and in that space, I just had an easel at the carpet. I could hang up the chart, write on it and then clip it to a pocket chart for display.

Yes there is a wrinkle, but it's ok.

With my crazy schedule, I often started the anchor chart with just the basics since I wanted the kids to help me fill in the charts.

Some charts I used all week and some were just that day. I didn't want to waste a bunch of paper, so I thought this would be a good route to go.

To clean, I used a baby wipe. Easy peasy (lemon squeazy).

And then I got struck one day with another idea of how to use these laminated papers. Group time!

Just divide the paper  into sections (hopefully a cleaner paper than this hahaha) and then you could tell each person to solve a certain equation or each show a different way to get a product. You could then easily display these for the lesson on the board.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Hey everyone,

If you follow me on FB, you saw a post last week that was cryptic, saying that big things were happening on my end.

As you know, I accepted a long term doing ESOL and math interventions. I was just getting settled in my routine when I was thrown for a loop. A huge loop. #lifechanging

I was pulled into the principal's office and the door was shut behind me. Thoughts went through my head and I was thinking, " I know I've been doing a pretty good job this first week!" He asked a few questions and about 10 minutes later, I walked out of the office in a confused state. I may have been grinning like a loon or just in a dazed state (it's all a blur), because I got a few crazy looks and a few, "Are you alright?" and a "What's wrong with you?"

Some crazy stuff happened and I won't go into the details as to why/how and what for respect.... but I think my blog name should now be "Journey of an {Ex} Substitute Teacher".

You are reading the blog of a third grade teacher!  

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Substitute Preparedness: Setting

Hey everyone!

It's that time again!

Upcoming holidays and events:

  • Sep. 26 -Johnny Appleseed Day
  • Oct. 1-31 National Bully Prevention Month
  • Oct 5-11 National Fire Prevention Week

Teacher Tip: Come up with a substitute agreement with your class. How will they act with the sub in class? What will be the consequences/rewards for behavior?

Sub Tip: You're still fresh in subbing. Make sure you're taking time to yourself too so you won't burn out.

And here's the freebie for the month, setting!

Just click either picture to grab it!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What I'm Up To...

Hey everyone!

Ok, I can spill it now, but I have to preface it with a confession. I'm about to get real here. First things first, I'm the realist #imsofancy... lol

In all seriousness,  I wasn't going to sub this year. It's ok if you gasped, I think I gasped myself when I finally decided. Which was two weeks before summer vacation. Part of it was that I just wanted to focus on TpT. I love creating resources and just wanted to see what would happen if I dedicated more time to it.

Then another part of me worried about the whole money issue. Would I be able to survive? Would I get bored? I thought long and hard and said a few prayers. And did a lot of think and self reflection. I was good with the decision. I had finally made peace. Then in the middle of August I had a phone call. A 6-8 week sub job. I politely declined.

Then a few weeks later, another school called. They said they had a proposition. A sub job of sorts. Yes, they knew I wasn't subbing this year but to let me hear them out. I said ok and they said they'd call back soon. Well the next day, they called saying that they needed me until January in one position and could I please come to staff development that Tuesday. And then school starts the Tuesday after that. People, I had annual camping plans.  Which would mean staff development Tuesday, leave for camping Wednesday and come back Monday. Then school start the next day.  Can we say stress? Anxiety? Nervousness? Not to mention I was still waiting for my teacher license renewal to be processed so I had no license? Gah! ( It went through and I have it now)

So what am I doing this year? I don't have an exact title. I'm teaching ESOL. I'm also doing math intervention. PLUS, I'm possibly going to teach tech!!!!

Today was the first day and it was crazy but good! I'm sharing my room with one other person, plus the person I'm taking over for is still there this week., so I don't really get to decorate it. I might get to add a few touches next week (after the dude leaves haha).

This is to give you the gist of it. I'm in a portable and you walk in and this is what you see. People, I am THRILLED I have tables and chairs. THRILLED. They only had one table last year, so this is amazing! I won't use this as much, but I'm glad I have it.
This is where I will do most of my teaching. The kids sit here most of the time.

The rest of the room is "dump" room and my desk and the other teacher's desk. Not beautiful, but it's mine! And I'm  not teaching out of the music room or computer lab like the other teacher, so I'm grateful. Really, I am!

Yeah, it'll be interesting for sure. And then what happens after January? Well, we'll see. Maybe then I'll do TpT from January on. Or another long term pops up :)
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pinning The Nights Away

Hey everyone!

I am obsessed with Pinterest once again. When I first joined, I was heavily into it. Then we our relationship started to fade. Then it was a few times a week. Our relationship, especially since the Vegas class with Mel D, has begun to blossom again.

What am I pinning? Anything and everything lol.

My current obsession(s) are pinning healthy food choices #zoodlesforthewin

Follow Tanja Tlusty {JourneyofaSubstituteTeacher}'s board Lifestyle on Pinterest.

Anchor charts (apparently I have an obsession as it has 200!)

Follow Tanja Tlusty {JourneyofaSubstituteTeacher}'s board Anchor Charts on Pinterest.

Math Activities...I'll be hitting this up a lot soon!

Follow Tanja Tlusty {JourneyofaSubstituteTeacher}'s board Math Activities on Pinterest.

What do you like pinning?

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bright Ideas: Photo Fun With Note Cards

Hey everyone!

I'm going to show you how to have fun with note cards!

Holy cow did I have fun with this month's blog post!  I couldn't think of an idea and then I saw a pin from Tessa  about a cat that had a face drawn on a paper in front of its face.

Cute right?

I thought to myself, making faces yourself can be fun. Example:

And you all know (well most of you), know that I have a cat, Checkers. I thought, I can do this!  Well first off, she thought it was a game and kept batting at the card. So then I grabbed treats but she focused on those instead of the cards. I finally did snap some photos, not the best, but they'll work.

Here are the cards lined up. You can see the possibilities are endless!

Now what am going to use these for? Last month I talked about photo prompts in the class and these would work great! But I also had a few other ideas....

  • You could use them in your class and create your own emotions chart.

  • You could use them as props in a photo booth for back to school or end of the year (or just anytime).

  • Students (if you have one) could use an iPad or iPhone and use this during writing time and create a story with pictures.

  • You  could make a game out of it like trying not to laugh. Everyone is quiet and one person has all the note cards with the lips and faces. They use them until some one laughs. Well it sounded good in my head lol. 

You could draw anything on these cards! I had to get in on the action too, I couldn't let Checkers be the only one having fun. And I ended up sending a bunch of texts to family with them...hey new emoticons?!

 I hope you like this bright idea! What would you use these props for? 

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Planning + Organizing = Happy Teacher

Hey everyone!

I have to have a planner of some sorts, otherwise I'll miss out on meetings/events. That's where I write down sub jobs, birthdays, and more. Also, I will 99% most likely be the secretary of a non-profit for the city that has bbqs, auctions, and helps the community so much, so I'll definitely need a planner for that (well, regardless if I get the position or not, a planner is a must!)

To the rescue comes my friend April from A Modern Teacher. I seriously love her and her planners.

When my package came, I may have squealed as I pulled out this bag that April painted a gold heart on herself.

I also may have gushed over the polka dots. I love polka dots! (She also has a couple other designs).

Plus a pencil to plan with, bonus!

The Teacher Life Map is amazing because it is split in three parts. 

The mapping it part has a dinner planning page, which I definitely will use. And then the full month, followed by the week as you see down below.

The Live It part is the school part for curriculum and other student stuff.

The Love It section has pages for notes and ideas. This will also be put to use ASAP.

I think I fell in love with all the little touches. I've looked through and even more pop out. Most noticeably are the quotes from books, which I absolutely adore. And the colored dividers between each month.

I love my Life Map planner so much April, thanks!!!

You can check out her planners here and she also carries lesson and teacher planners in her store. April didn't tell me to blog about her stuff, I just had to share the brilliant planner with you all!

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