It's been six years...

It's been six years since I lost my cousin Nicole. I still remember the phone call that she was in the hospital, basically a vegetable from a car accident and that her boyfriend had died on impact in the passenger seat.
Then as we were getting ready to go to the hospital, we got the phone call that her pulse started slowing down as my aunt and uncle had to decide what to do, and that she passed away.
I still can picture pulling up at the hospital and my whole family just huddling in the parking lot.

My cousin blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She was a senior in high school and was going to go to college and play volleyball. She had her whole life in front of her, cut short that night her car lost control.
I remember how she used to annoy me, growing up, as she was the one I hung out with the most and how she changed as she grew older. The games we played, the stories we shared, our secrets. I really miss her.

Six years...which is also how long my cat has been in my life. Checkers came a few months before Nicole's accident, and I truly think it was on purpose. My cat seems to know that I needed the extra loving the last few days too.

But I won't cry anymore today. I'll just think of the good times, our shared moments in life. And remember the beautiful young woman my cousin had blossomed into.


Fall Leaf Art

Today I'll be posting leaf art. I know, I know, I said Sunday or Monday but I've got good excuses (I hope!) Sunday I was still exhausted from our auction. It went fabulous by the way! Earned a lot of money for our community.
                                                      Here's a pic of some of my hard work!
Monday, yesterday, I subbed a 1/2 day and then my friend called me to see if I could help out at her work, so that is what I did. And then I was too tired when I came home. But the pics of the leaf art will wgo up now!

You will need wax paper, crayons stripped of their paper and in 'fall' colors, and a hot griddle/plate with foil on top.

Turn the griddle/hot plate on.

On with foil

Place wax leaf on top

Get bag of fall colors ready (brown,red, yellow, orange, green)

Outline the leaf with a color and make that the vein color too. And fill in the rest of the leaf with another color/s.
Warning: It will be HOT, so maybe have paper towel handy to hold on to leaf. Supervise kids for sure!

When done, take off leaf, wave around for a minute and it's done!

Display as artwork. They look pretty in the windows too!

As a kid was doing their leaf and I supervised, I had another kid read from their book bag to me. That way they are getting the one on one they need, the leaf person is supervised, and you aren't bored to death!


Auction Mania!

So the next three days my life will be consumed by auction stuff. Sunday I did decor, today I put together baskets, put stuff in order and filled out paper. Tomorrow I'll make a PowerPoint show for the auction and Saturday, put all the stuff out and it's auction time. And it's not like I'm a person on the board that's putting on the auction either lol. I'm just a volunteer.

I did make FANTASTIC leaf art today in a class. I'll probably post pics and instructions and info Sunday/Monday :) You all will love it!

Model Behavior

OH what a Monday! Three day weekend made the kids hyper. Though they could have been worse (I'm an optimist!)

The kiddos were so funny today. I bought myself earrings this weekend that are peacock feathers. Well they were so curious and fascinated by them and they wanted to touch them, so I let them.

And then they had 40 minutes to read. So I pulled out a chair and grabbed my book that I'm currently reading from my bag and read too. They were staring at me and a few whispered to me ,"Ms. T, you are going to read too?" 

My reply, "Of course! I love to read!"

They were so amazed that their teacher wanted to read and to sit down and read just like them too. A few came up and asked what chapter I was on (12 by the way :) ) and what page I was on (230) and what the book was about (castle, princess..etc).

If a teacher doesn't sit down and read every once in awhile, they'll have no model. The kiddos told me their teacher usually walks around. I'm hoping she's conferencing and not just minding their behavior. Because when they noticed I was reading too, they made more of an effort and even hushed the other kids 'because Ms. T is reading too."

And they loved it when I let out an exclamation and got excited. I told them I had a connection from "The Tale of Desperaux" , the book they have for read aloud. I found a word there that I didn't know and it was in my book too, so they watched in amazement as I hunted down a dictionary and looked it up.
Perfidy, by the way, is faithlessness or treachery.  

So be a model! If you don't know something, look it up! Read with the kiddos, even if it is for a little bit


Feeling accomplished

Just finished the headpiece to my Halloween costume. So the main part, the socks/shoes, headpiece are all complete. I have make up and hair glitter and little accessories. This means it is actually done. I'll definitely have to dress once to make sure it is good and to decide if I need anything else. I can't wait!

This morning I was super busy. I did laundry, dishes, worked out, cleaned the shower, swept and dusted, and then worked on stuff for this Saturday's Fall auction, with the theme of Thanksgiving. And I don't really consider it 'work' as I got to use my Cricut! My friend that is in charge bought the paper and cartridge for me to borrow and then I had to make 50 leaves :) It was fun and they will look nice for the tables/walls.

My schedule for the week is Mon-Thursday so far.  3rd grade, then 1st grade 2 days (same class) and then 2nd grade.


Great day!

I had such a fabulous day! I was in one of my favorite schools, subbing for one of my favorite teachers, I had a great class and boy did they make me laugh!

"Ms. T, you must be tired cuz you have bags under your eyes!"   Um thanks....I'm too young for bags under my eyes! But I smiled and nodded.

I know I was tired and must have seriously looked it if that kiddo said that AND the janitor yelled down the hall for me to go get coffee as I looked like the sleep dead. Sheesh lol.

And then another funny thing; the teacher said if the class stayed on green the whole day, they could have recess (today is like Friday as tomorrow is statewide inservice). Well I told them this and same kiddo with the eye bag comment said, "Well that's good, because we need recess. Keeps us sharp you know!"

Silly second graders :) And then I checked my Facebook at lunch and saw I won $50 to my favorite store at our outlet mall. That made  my day right there. I was going to go there tomorrow as it was, but now really can't wait to shop! Hope all of you had a great day today!

Beautiful classrooms

This year I've subbed in many classrooms that I would call beautiful. From brightly colored kinder classes, to the warm and inviting 1st and 2nd grade classes. Where I sub, the 3-5th grade are generally in portables, but even those can be transformed to warm and welcoming spaces.

Trees seem to be a big theme this eyar. I was in a kinder class that had palm trees and butterflies suspended in the corner. The teacher was allowed to paint the walls and it's so pretty having 2 colors. Kids art work is displayed on the walls, hanging by the window, and hanging from the ceiling.

Another class had a tree going and each leaf was a book they had read with the author and title listed.

And in a 1st grade class I was in, she built a beautiful library area, better than last year's I have to say.

Her walls are painted too. And there are seat cushions, a tree, a plant...the kids love reading in the corner.

Now I'm not saying that if you don't have this your room isn't beautiful, but when a bit of effort is put forth, the kiddos are happy to be there and learn. They are at school more than home!

OH and PS...this is the dragon I drew in an art lesson that I said I'd post the pic and my phone is somewhat cooperating now!



Got sick again

Well  I got sick again. This time I think my mom was to blame as she had something similar not too long before I got it.  Got hit with a slight sore throat and then very tired (no not mono lol) . I got a call Thursday night for Friday and took it. But then woke up Friday and was a zombie with a sore throat so canceled.

I went back into bed, pulling the covers over me and fell asleep for another 5 hours (not to mention I fell asleep at 9 the night before). I really needed that sleep.

I did go out Friday night with some friends and my mom and we did a "red carpet event". They really did put out a red carpet and we got our pictures taken in front of one of those Hollywood looking walls that have the advertisements on the back. And then there were 2 fashion shows, and vendor booths (I got a sparkled extension put in my hair for a dollar!) and then the dj was amazing. But it was all for raising food for the local food bank. 2 cans= a raffle ticket and there were amazing prizes! And the whole event was free with appetizers. You had to pay for anything at the vendors or for alcohol, but talk about a cheap and fun night.

Saturday I went to a peewee soccer game to watch two friends' kids play. 3-4 year old soccer is a hoot by the way!  I also saw some kids I sub for, so it was nice too. And actually sunny weather! Today it's raining.

I spent most of yesterday curled under a blanket and reading a book or stalking pinterest.  I'm scheduled for 2 days this week. Friday no school for state inservice I think.

A Little Inspiration...

I'm always amazed about the tenderness and caring that comes from kids. I subbed for a PE teacher today. My schedule was VERY odd. Wednesdays are late start. And then I guess they added even more prep for the specialsts so I didnt' have a class until 1 pm.

So I helped in first grade. Then I went and did lunch duty and had lunch and then it was kinder, kinder, first grade.

My first kinder class had 38 kiddos. Yep you heard me, 38. So what did we do? Well we played Duck, Duck, Goose which they adored.

Second class same thing. And in this class is a blind student. And a kiddo picked him as goose. And I held my breath to see what would happen. And you know what? They cheered him on. And the runner slowed way down to give him a chance. And he had an assistant run with him. And he got to be the tagger and run from them and he made it safe.

And bless his little heart. He turned his head in my direction (he heard me directing a student) and said "Ms. T, this is SOOO much fun. This is an awesome game!"

And then as he grabbed his cane and they went to line up and leave and go back to class, he turned to me again, and said, "Thank you Ms. T for the chance to exercise."

Any signs of weariness and frustration I had was wiped with those words. He could be pessimistic and down and grumpy because he is blind. Does he let that stop him? Heck no! He can even color pictures if he puts his mind to it, which I've seen him do by using wikki stix.


Um so I'm going to Hawaii in January. Already blocked myself those days so I can't be called out for subbing lol. Can we say excited?!?!??! I'll be there for a week!


What's in a Name?

Today I subbed for kinder and will be in the same class tomorrow. We're doing a lot of name stuff.

They all giggled when I said they could call me Ms. T and yes I've had students in the past ask if I drink tea, but honestly, Ms. Tlusty is a mouthful lol.

The traced over their name that was highlighted on paper (I whipped it up quick during specials). They also glued beans in a pattern on a construction paper that had their name on it. They had so much fun!

Tomorrow we're going to do our names and do rainbow colors around. My darn phone sends my pics to a website but it's not recieving it. I'll try to remember to bring my camera tomorrow.

Some funny stuff today:

Kiddo: Ms. T, you know a kid is sick when they cough like this *and she demo'd it*(

Different kiddo: Ms. T, sometimes I forget what my daddy's name is.

Another kiddo: Mommy! Mommy? Uh Mommy.....woops I mean Ms. T!!!

Ahhhh randomness of kindergarten. Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me!

My first Pinterest project!

So I have a new addiction and it's called Pinterest. I know have a blog addiction and Pinterest addiction, but it's better than other addictions!

I've been pinning like a mad woman but don't nearly have as much as some of my friends. I pinned a project the other day of buttons glued to a cardstock in the shape of an initial.

Well one of my friend's re-pinned it. And I happen to be going to her house for a delayed birthday party for her. So my wheels began a-turning and I thought, well if she liked that, then I'll make it for her!

While I went out shopping yesterday, I bought three packs of buttons, big and small and different colors. Silly me hadn't looked at the full project and I should have bought a frame and cardstock, but instead found a wooden block pile of letters. They didn't have much choice on letters. They did have a "T" so I snagged that for me. They had no "K's" which is what I wanted but they did have an "H" which is her last name, so I went with that.

As I sat at my kitchen table, I had another stroke of genius. Use scrapbook paper for background before adding buttons. Genius! It looked so cute and it could have stood alone with just that, but I know she liked the buttons. But now I'm thinking if I do it myself, I may not do buttons and just do the scrapbook paper lol.

So what I did was use tacky glue and put the traced scrapbook paper on top. Then buttons everywhere, no place, just how I felt. And some buttons on top of buttons for a layered look. Finished product:

Again can't flip it, sorry. Just tilt your head! Lol.

I think she'll like it. You can see the scrapbook paper peek through, it's purple and white. If I do this project again, I'll get other buttons too and I will try on cardstock. Gotta love Pinterest! I'll be posting this to Pinterest later after I present it to her because I don't want to ruin the surprise!

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