Pearls, ESOL, and Friends

Oma update for you all: She's totally alert and ate two rolls today, though she doesn't remember yesterday at all. Better each day!

Back to your regularly scheduled program...

Ok, so first, I LOVED my outfit today. I had on some new slacks, Clarks shoes, and I had this  blue/black/white/grey blouse tank on with a grey cardigan over it. But this girl loves her accessories, especially earrings. A few months ago, Groupon (I heart Groupon!) had a banging good deal of a pearl necklace and pearl earrings. Normally they are $80, but they were only $19! For both! And I wore them today with my outfit and had so many compliments.
Do you like the pearls? 

Hola todos! Hey everyone! I got to teach SLD and ELD today. So I first taught 1st grade SLD, then assisted in kinder, helped with math in 3rd, had a planning break, taught 2nd/3rd grade SLD, and had lunch duty. And that was all by 11:30 when my day was over since I was only 1/2 scheduled.
We talked about shapes and sizes.

We played games with the cards (lesson plans in the back lol).

We practiced asking if we had large or small shapes.

We practiced answering in partners.

The cards with the shapes had big and small and they used the cards to ask each other a game of Go Fish (shapes version!)

Oh and one cutie patootie was walking down the hall and I was on the way to my lunch duty. "Ms. T! I'm on the way to the bathroom!" Ok thanks for that info, hahaha!

So that's pearls and ESOL... and now onto friends.

I love my teacher blogger friends. Seriously, you all rock and I'm truly convinced I was meant to find you all and add you to my life for a reason! And today I came home to this:

She rocks my socks off!  Love you Michelle.

Seriously, have you seen her stuff (if not, you're living under a rock, sorry!) I just had to buy up one of her newest sets (she just came out with several!)

The whole set is amazing (and at $3.50 is a steal) and I just can't wait to use it. I've got ideas for next year for 9/11 with this now! I've linked the pic to that clip art set in her store. 

I've been working on some fun products and think I may be giving some away soon, so be on the look out!



  1. Love the pearls! And I love those days when you love your outfit! :) I wish they could all be like that! :)

  2. You look so pretty! I love jewelry, but haven't been wearing much lately. I wear shorts and a tank top everyday, along with my Old Navy slippahs! The fanciest I get might be some dangly earrings;)

    Surfin' Through Second


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