You Are That Difference

Hey everyone!

I had the complete intent of writing a different blog post today, but felt compelled to write another one.

There's a little kinder kiddo that I've noticed at school. Cute little guy, full of energy, yet quiet at times. I've noticed him spend lunch several times in the office. I jumped to the conclusion that this kiddo must be quite the character if he has spent so much time in the office.

Today as I was finishing up lesson plans for next week, I saw a streak of red run past my portable window, accompanying the thuds up the ramp. I peered outside to see our little friend run and hide by the bushes of my portable, a quick glance at me as he ducked further. I first thought he was part of after school club, but nope, no one was looking for him. Except then came my assistant principal and I pointed in my little friend's direction.

She went to one side of the bush and I the other. After a "You can't catch me!" and then him deciding he'd go in the school after all, I just went back to my business. I later found out that he did not want to leave the school. Home life...well... School is his sanctuary. His teacher, the specialists, the admin, they are his lifesavers. You may not know the impact you make in a child's life, but believe me, you are making a difference to someone. You may not know their background, or understand why they behave certain ways. I shouldn't have judged so quickly, not knowing his full story.

I can tell you for sure, that any time I ever see him in the hallway or anywhere at school, I will say hi and smile. I will look him in the eyes and let him know that he is cared for, even if he isn't my student yet. My school believes that we are all in this together, a team no matter what grade you are. I want him to know that there are many people that are here for him if he needs us.  Just a smile can make the difference. YOU are the difference.

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