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Wow, what a great response to yesterday's post! Even if I helped just one person, I did my job lol. I just want to return the favor of how I was welcomed into blogging land.

I landed a two day job for today and tomorrow in a 2/3 English only split class. I have one student I have to watch constantly but the other 21 kiddos were a delight. So quiet. I sometimes felt like just talking because it was too quiet!

It was my first time with them and we were kind of eyeing each other first. Truthfully, I was a tad bit nervous and I don't know why, but it just happens lol. I introduced myself, told them I had a cat named Checkers, I'm an only child, my likes (they were excited I loved reading!), and then we got to work. I walked over to the teacher's desk to get my materials and I heard a girl whisper, "Oh whew! I like her!" Hahaha. After that, it all went smooth although, holy cow, some of them are slow pokes!  But somehow we wrangled an extra 3 minutes and I did Mad Libs.

I don't know what happened, but the other day I had a mad rush of ideas flow through my head and I quickly wrote them down! I'm loving the new unit I'm working on (3/4 of the way done!) Want a sneak peek? Here's the cover:

It's some literacy activities for K-1. I love!!!

I've already got 3 days scheduled next week, all 1/2 days lol. It doesn't hurt that a sickness is going around right now, with a cold/fever/cough/tummy thing. Ick!


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  1. Yes, unwell teachers probably keep you working hard! Last week we had so many teachers away that there wasn't enough supply teachers to go round. Crazy!
    Love the look of Bowls of Fun - can't wait to see the rest of it....soon....


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