Currently July in June!

Say what?!?! Farley posted it a little early and I'm going with it! Lol!

Listening: Grooveshark let's you pick what songs you want and create a playlist. Love it!

Loving: Summer vacation! Sleep in, go to the bathroom when I want, sunshine...ah :)

Thinking:  Um Vegas is in 2 weeks. I'm actually practice packing hahaha.

Wanting: Relay for Life is consuming my life right now and I'm stressing out. I'm in charge of entertainment (by myself) and there are some bumps and the pressure is on!

Needing: Hair cut. Yep. I can't remember the last time I got a cut or trim and maybe I should do it before Vegas.

Tips,tricks, or hints: Don't worry about what everyone else is blogging or creating on TpT. You worry about you and focus on what YOU know and what YOU do. The rest will come :)

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Five For Friday

I'm linking on up!

I've been working on these bad boys. Need to get them done!!!

Still playing around with my washi :)

My favorite triplet at my friend's farm. It was so cute! 

I'm so freaking excited, I can't wait for this!

We have a local hazelnut company and they have all sorts of flavors. And samples. But I did good and only had a few samples and got the presents with my mom to send to Germany.

Happy Friday!

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Try It Free Tuesday

I've been featured over on Miss Kindergarten's blog for her Try It Free Tuesday!

What is Try It Free Tuesday? She hosts a blogger (or two) each Tuesday with a product to try free all day! You can either download it from their TpT store or Google Docs. 

Today you get to download a product from my store called "Catch a Sentence".

So try this paid product out for FREE today!

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Monday Made It: Washi!!!

Last summer I was doing Monday Made It just about every Monday. This fail!  I don't know if I'm uninspired or unmotivated, but this is the first one this summer for me and it wasn't even that big of a craft lol.

So some other bloggers have been talking  about Washi tape. I ordered some online for a pretty good deal, but you can also buy them in craft stores.  My pack came in 10 in assorted variety.

Yeah, my hand makes a great model haha.

So what to do first with these pretty washi tapes? Washi, not wasabi like my friend calls it lol.

Well remember those cubes I got for organization? One of the cubes was left over and needed a makeover.

I put a strip around each side and it makes it pop instantly.

I didn't know what else to do and then spotted my iPad...

Ignore the wrinkles, I fixed it after and made it more polished. Adds a pop of color and kind of protects the back. 

I can't wait to use washi for other stuff. Do you washi? And what do you washi?

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I'm sure you've seen my buddies' posts about Google Reader hittin' the road. Adios. Auf Wiedersehen.

Don't panic though! You can still follow me and my pals blogs. With  Bloglovin', you can transfer all your blogs from Google Reader over, so you don't lose any. How?

First, click here:
Then it will bring you to this page:

Then you click the blue button that says "import from Google Reader". That's it! It transfers all your blogs over so you don't lose them. Yay!  

And if you look at the top right of my blog under the "follow me" banner (and Google Friend Connect), you'll see a button to follow my blog with Bloglovin' so you don't miss out on any great tips or freebies. Because that would just be horrible, right?!??!?  You know I'm just kiddin'! I love you guys <3

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Getting Organized!

I don't know about you all, but I generally work and blog from my couch. I know, not the best for posture, but it's comfortable. I decided that I needed to get my desk tidied up so that I could actually, for the first time in the 2 years that I've blogged, actually blog from my desk.

I've got to love me some office supplies that helped get my desk beautiful! They couldn't have come at a better time. What did I get?  I got desk cube organizers!

This is the Deflect-O Desk Cube

This also called the Deflect-O Desk Cube, but it has 4 drawers.

I love that these are versatile and you can pull out drawers and the X if you need to make just a cube. Your choice!  I've never seen a product like this before and I love it.

These came with clips and so you can stack and clip the plastic containers top and bottom.

You can even clip the sides and so now my four cubes are one big cube! So cool.

Put to use instantly!

Loving the X divider on top of my desk mat (my desk mat has a clear cover you stick stuff under and I put post cards, news paper articles, and old school pictures there!)

Can I admit that it actually feels like an 'office' now? I feel more professional lol.

How do you stay organized?

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Oregon Bloggers Unite!

Hey everyone! I had a BLAST today. Yes, I'm alive. They're not serial killers ;) They are SWEET ladies and I can't wait to get together again!

We met up at Panera. I recognized Nicole from Teaching With Style right away and we hugged. And then Laura from Teacher Laura popped out from the back. Then Laurie from Chickadee Jubilee came. Sarah from Sarah's First Grade Snippets came too!  And  Michelle from Third Grade Al Dente. We sat down and then Nicole from Teaching's a Hoot joined us. We missed Hope, but she's preggers, so we understand!

We sat down and chatted for about 3 hours. We ended up not going to Lakeshore (well I don't know about some of  the other ladies). We chatted about school, TpT, blogging, and more! Seriously, these ladies are sweet and amazing! There was like instant bonding and connections (or at least it felt that way to me!)

I had a hard time deciding what to wear because we were supposed to have showers (but not til later). So a t-shirt, cardigan, and a skirt it was!

I made these bookmarks for the ladies

I made these sticks with their names on one side and blogger name on the other. And the popsicle says "Oregon teachers are cool!"

In the middle of our convo and laughing, Nicole (Teaching with Style) and I felt a hand on our backs. Turned out to be this old gentleman from Kentucky. He enjoyed our laughter and said it made his day. He stopped by the table two more times! Hahaha.

Nicole and Nicole hahaha :)

L to R:  Nicole, Me, Michelle, Laura, Laurie, Sarah, and Nicole (Teaching's a Hoot).

It was a blast and the time flew by so quickly! I can't wait to meet with these lovely ladies again!!!

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Viva Las Vegas

So I'm a LUCKY girl. Not only am I going to meet some fabulous bloggy buddies Monday (I'm sooo excited and nervous still hahaha), but I am going to another blogger meet up. In Las Vegas. Oh yeah. That's right!

Now you may think it's nuts that I'm going to meet people that I've never met before. I've video chatted with a few and have gotten to know the others online, but yeah, crazy. My worry wort of a mother is planning for me to check in every day to make sure that I'm still alive. Ha!

Now, I'm not going  just to meet up with these people. I'm also attending a day at the Differentiated Instruction Conference put on by SDE. I'm stoked! Keynote speaker is none other than Ron Clark! And the classes I signed up for are fab. Kathy Griffin and a few others...woohoo!

So if you happen to be in Vegas during that week, you're being invited to the meet up. You don't have to be a blogger, but you should be a teacher hahaha!

Thing is, they need to know how many are coming, ASAP, so sign up and here is the invite.

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Ahh, Summer

There's nothing like summer vacation! No more setting the alarm (well, every once in awhile for something), no more "teacher, teacher!", and going to the bathroom whenever you want, yippee! Hahaha :)

I got myself a little present for my birthday

And then decided I wanted to work more at my desk instead of the couch, so I needed a new chair

But first I had to clear off my desk and get organized (more about the organizing containers in another post).

I've also gotten my creative mojo again! I've been having fun creating my decor sets again.

Room Decor

room decor

room decor

room decor

And I've got more planned!

And I SO cannot wait for Monday....

Are you on summer break yet? What are you up to?

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