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I am so excited! Here is my first guest blogger. Give a big welcome to April! ~Ms. T

Hi Everyone!

I'm April from Grade School Giggles and I'm super excited to be writing this guest post about preparing for a substitute. 

I always try to be prepared for a substitute because sometimes emergencies happen. The last thing I want to do when I'm sick or have a sick child is struggle to get last minute plans together. So, I prepare for a substitute before the first day of school. It's really not that hard either!

One of my desk drawers is labeled "Substitute." It holds two Bingo games, small stickers, candies, pencils, and awards. You'll also find a big binder. The binder is my key to being prepared. I'm going to walk you through it and I'm sharing the forms to make it simple to create your own binder. You can get the forms as a PDF here or as an editable Power Point here. Either way they're free!

The first thing in my binder is a welcome note. I explain my binder and let the sub know who to ask if any questions come up. Next, I include a page with important basic information including the school hours, the times for recess and lunch, where supplies are kept, and important people or locations. I include a notes page, the class schedule, student transportation, and information on my classroom management procedures. I also include a map of the school. (I just copy the emergency exit map). 

I also include forms for medical information and special needs information. If I have students that are supposed to get accommodations then the sub needs to know what they are. I don't put the eligibility categories or I.E.P. goals, but I do list the accommodations and behavior plan information.

 My school has a section in the staff handbook about fire drills, tornadoes, code red drills, etc. I copy the procedures and include them in the emergency procedures section. I also include a classroom roster in this section. 

Finally, I include a section for lesson plans and a section for emergency plans. If it is a planned absence I will write specific lesson plans, put them in the lesson plan section, and set everything the sub will need on top of my desk. Otherwise, the welcome note directs the sub to use the emergency plans and follow the classroom schedule. I have a page for each subject that I teach in the emergency plans section. I write down where the materials for the subject are. I also write down a must do lesson and activity. It usually consists of reviewing a basic skill and completing review worksheets that are copied and stored in my notebook behind the directions. Finally, I list an activity to complete if the class finishes the required stuff and there is time left. I usually will leave an easy whole group activity such as Bingo, a writing assignment, or a BrainPOP.  

That was a long post! Thanks for taking the time to read it. I hope it was helpful. Feel free to stop by my blog and check it out.

Wasn't she fantastic? Great tips April! Thanks for guest blogging.
I'm guest blogging over at Third Grade Bookworm! 

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Friday Freebie and Other Things

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the Blog Hop and Swap and I'm having a guest blogger! I'll also be guest blogging on two blogs tomorrow, one for the BHS, and one for Ms. Chrissy B at Buzzing with Ms. B.

I've also received some awards from several people. Thanks Patti from Tales of a 4th and 5th Grade Teacher, Jenna from Just Diving In,  Tonya from Tonya's Treats for Teachers, and Sara from Ms. V's Busy Bees. I received the Lovely Blog Award and also the Versatile Blogger award a few times. I love how the old awards are coming around again with new bloggers :)

Alright, time for freebies! Over at Endless Pinabilities, we're celebrating our patriotism for the 4th and Canada Day. Today was my day to share my pins and I created some subway art.

Both come with a few options and borders and just plain.
For the 4th of July one: Click me!
For the Canuck one: Click me!

Giveaway Time!: Math Wall Pack

It's giveaway time!!! Why? Because I have 100 TN followers, or 350 blog followers, or maybe because it's summer? In any case, I wanted to do a giveaway on what I think may just be my cutest stuff yet!

There will be three lucky winners, yes three! And they will have their choices of any of the 3 packs.



Polka dot: (I can even change the color if the winner wants)

What do you have to do to enter? Check out my Rafflecopter! It ends in 3 days and there will be 3 winners :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Some Giveaways and Giveaway 411

Happy Tuesday Wednesday (or whatever day it is...have to look at the calendar).  The weather is gorgeous today after having many days of clouds/rain and we'll be headed back to that all too soon, so I'm taking advantage while I can.

Just wanted to let you know there are a few giveaways happening (and that I'm participating in!)

First is Beth Ann's giveaway at her blog Taming My Flock of Firsties. She's having a giveaway celebrating summer :)  Some great prizes by great authors, so go check it out! Plus you can win Beth Ann's whole TpT store!

Next is Shanyn over at Coffee, Kids, and Compulsive Lists (cute name isn't it? She just designed her own blog and it's AH-mazing). Shanyn's celebrating 100 followers :) Head on over and enter!

They're all using what I absolutely love using for giveaways and that is Rafflecopter. It's free and it's pretty easy once you've used it once or twice.  You name your giveaway, figure out what the options for entries are, how long you have your contest and then grab the code for your blog. Once it's time for a winner, head on back to Rafflecopter and click on 'add winner' and then click 'announce' and it announces it where the people entered (I usually snap a pic for a  post to announce the winner) , though I think you may have to click 'add a winner' twice.  

Pretty easy! And I love that I can use a giveaway form from before if I am doing a giveaway similar to it like a previous one. That came in handy for my blogiversary.

And speaking of giveaways, if I hurry and work on my last packet, I'll have a giveaway tomorrow for a chance to win one of three different design  packs I created for a math word wall. Here's a sneak peak:

This is my rainbow one. Isn't it so bright and cheerful? I uploaded this to my TN and TpT store (yep opened up a TpT store just for kicks!)

Come back tomorrow for your chance to enter!


Time Out Tuesday

I didn't know what to post today for TOT. But then I remembered I had a few pics on my phone that I wanted to share of Checkers, my cat.

Maybe they'll make you smile or laugh, like they make me :)

I grow cats :) And somehow caught her meowing.

Asleep and precious.

Yawning but I think it looks like she's laughing or singing.

A picture says a 1,000 words right? This just makes my heart melt. She kept touching me :)


Monday Made It #2

This is my second Monday Made It and I'm loving it!

This next craft was inspired by this:

Now I really love this, but I had to change a few things up. First off, I know I'd have the best intentions of putting a menu up each week, but I know that won't always happen. So I did put the days of the week, but didn't use my Cricut, I just wrote the days of the week. And I didn't put "menu" on top.

Border is The 3 AM Teacher and background is Mel Stampz.

First I got a frame from the Dollar Tree. I like the size of it but the one on Pinterest is 12x12 if you want a bigger frame and my Dollar Tree doesn't carry that size.

First you need a frame and your scrapbook paper to start with. I chose a lined scrapbook paper that looks like it's for school. Oh and I tried out Instagram to snap these shots :)

 I hand wrote the days of the week and then added other. But you could totally print labels or Cricut it.

Now there are so many options of what to use it for!

I really love the ribbon with the dry erase marker attached. I never have to hunt for one. And I bought a 3pack of red, blue, and black at the Dollar Tree. These markers have eraser caps too! Score :)

And speaking of crafting...this starts tomorrow! 

I posted this not too long ago and was surprised when I had a comment from someone who  participated on the show!!!! I was beyond thrilled :) She has a blog here.


Welcome to the Party (and presents)!

Two posts in one day? Well considering I think it's the first time ever and they are spaced a bit apart, I think I'll be okay :)

There's a 2 hour party on FB. Teachers hopping all over the place sharing their blog! So welcome if you found me from the party going on FB!

Just because you took the time to stop by, I'm sharing some freebies with you!

First is my Sizzlin' Summer Fun pack with some fun writing and activities.

Next is my Party Writing Pack that is writing templates.


Hopping and Swapping

I'm so excited! Next Saturday is a blog hop and swap! I'll be guest blogging on another blog and I'll have a guest blogger on mine, my first one!

Check out some of the other bloggers that are hopping and swapping (and some sharing freebies) by clicking the picture:

And also that day I'm guest blogging for Chrissy. Guess I really jump into things, no guest posting and then twice in the same day! Though it wasn't intentional :) I'm super excited. 

Tomorrow is my Monday Made It post to link up with Tara. Yay!


To Market I Go

Whew, what a busy day! I had to work Saturday Market and be at my "other work" at 7:30 to load up the van. Um, this was my first time driving the company van. And I was kinda nervous. That thing is huge compared to my Ford Taurus!

And of course today had to be pouring down showers. So they moved the market inside and I was all set up by 8:20 and it opens at 9. I knew it would be a slow day so I brought along The Book Whisperer. Great idea because I got more read in that book in the 3 hours I worked than all the months I've had it!

Isn't it cute? You can't see all the table but it gives you an idea :)

I did sell a few things so that was great. There's not always a  theme to the market but today was strawberries and I sold canning stuff. I loaded all the stuff back up and then drove back to work. Then I went back at 3 to pick up my paint samples. Oh boy. I think I'll be crafting with those puppies for years to come! Lol :)

Just a reminder that starting tomorrow on Endless Pinabilities, we have a theme week!


Pencils Beware!

As a sub, teachers leave a few requests on their lesson plans for me to do for prep during specials and after school. 90% of the time, sharpening pencils is on the list. And I have come to dread it because, frankly, their pencil sharpeners are sucky! Most of them have the ones attached to the wall that make me feel I'm grinding the pencils to nothing and afterwards my arm and fingers hurt. If'I'm lucky, they have a decent electric sharpener.

I have found a new love. My pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies! I kid you not, I am pretty sure this baby is coming with me to school in my bag now!

A package for me? Yay!

I see it!

The victim!

Ready for action!

Pencil beware!


It was so easy to use and not loud like the darn wall sharpeners. I love the retro look too! Thanks Troy for creating this beautiful thing and letting me test it out! This baby comes in blue too and also there is one the shape of a car! Check them out here. Now I won't flinch when teachers ask me to sharpen their pencils!

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