Quick Time Fillers

Remember my Monday Made It with the Crystal Light containers and duct tape?

Love the bright chevron!

Well my intention with it was to put sticks in it that had time fillers for when I had 5 minutes or less to fill up.

Bought some jumbo sticks. They had them at my Dollar Tree. So far this project is cheap!

I wrote down some fun games on the sticks.
  • Spelling bee: Go from desk to desk and have them spell. Or do boys vs. girls
  • Pictionary: Draw on the board and have the kiddos guess what it is. I try to relate it to what they're studying at the moment.
  • I spy: Pick an object in the room and they guess what it is.
  • 4 corners: One person is 'it' and they close their eyes. The other kiddos go to the corners in the room. It person calls out a number 1-4 and if kids are in that corner, they are out.
  • Heads up 7 up: 4-5 kiddos are 'it'. The rest put down heads and thumbs up. If their thumb gets touched, they tuck it in. Call out "Heads up 7 up!" and if they were touched, stand up and guess who touched them.
  • Telephone: Say a phrase or word and have it pass person to person.
  • Hangman (or word man without noose lol): Kids guess what word. Again, I try to relate to topic/theme.
  • High/low: Math game...I wrote a post for it.
  • Who's the Judge: Person has back turned to class. One at a time the kids come up and talk in a funny voice and the 'judge' has to guess who it is.
  • 20 questions: The 'it' person has an item/object in mind and the class has 20 questions to get it.
  • Silent ball: Students sit on desks or in circle and toss the ball. Good for non verbal communication!
  • Around the world: Multiplication facts or any subject really. 
  • The silent game: This is to see who can stay silent the longest.

Hope this gave you some ideas for those short moments that you need a time filler. The kids I sub for really have fun with these.  These could be brain breaks too! 


  1. Hi Ms. T., My Friend!
    I love that happy chevron pattern! And I think it would be a great incentive for kids to pick a stick as a reward for folks finishing early... I'm going to figure out how to incorporate this idea into my classroom!

    Great idea!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Thanks for the Five Minute Fillers! This has been put on my 'must do' list now ;)

  3. Awesome list of fun things! Thanks for taking the time to explain them too :) I just loooove your bright colored duct tape. Looks great!

    Reaching for the TOP!

  4. Excellent ideas, Tanja!!! Love it!
    ~Rachel at Sub Hub

  5. Thank you so much for this great idea! mine has different materials but same concept! I have found it works great in all level of classes. Kindergarten through High School. Thanks again from a fellow Oregon Sub!

  6. These are great! There are a couple I haven't heard of and I'm excited for the kids to try them.

  7. I love the Crystal Light containers; they are a great size for so many things. Thanks for another great idea for repurposing them in my classroom!


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