Monthly Series: Substitute Preparedness

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So with a new blog design, her is my big new idea. Well new idea for my blog lol.
I'm so excited about my new idea! It's going to be a once a month series, on the first Sunday of each month! The main idea? Substitute preparedness! I will have a new topic each month on how you can be prepared for a sub! And my goal is to have a freebie with each post *fingers crossed*

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Today's topic is about being prepared for any emergency absence. 

A few of the best things that I've seen as a sub, were super prepared teachers that had emergency lessons and stuff for up to five days, just in case. And in one situation, the teacher who thought she was going to be gone just for one or two days, was gone the whole week, but I had her emergency week stuff. 

I know it's hard to plan using general lessons, but it can be done! Or choose to have your emergency lessons have a them like an author, artist, or topic.  If you can, leaving the outline of your  next week's lessons would be a bonus, that way your sub could get the idea of what you are teaching for math, spelling, etc.

In the the few instances where I didn't have any lesson plans, there generally was the week's plan and I could at least keep the schedule going and the math unit on target.

One teacher had 2-3 worksheets already copied for each subject. She is prepared! Some tips for subject material to leave :

Reading: If you Daily 5, then this shouldn't really be a problem for you sub. Or have activities that can be done for any book for guided reading or table work. I just created a pack exactly for that!

Math: If you have math centers, then this isn't a problem. Have students work out of their textbook. Some fun ideas (especially if it is a Friday) have them play math games or games on the computer. My friend Denise at Sunny Days has free Bump math games and other games.

Spelling: Have a spelling bee. Or rainbow words.

Science: Now this can be a bit of a toughie. I know that the classes I sub for know me enough that they let me teach science lessons and do experiments. Maybe you don't want your sub to do that or put them through that stress lol. In these cases, I've seen teachers have their subs do art/science. Draw a tree/flower and label it. Then students write about it. I did find this cute freebie on TpT about classifying!

Social Studies: In this case, this might be one of those things you want prepped ahead.  I found a free Scoot game for 2-4th grade.

You can always add a read aloud, crafts, choice time, etc. And at the end of the school year and you didn't use your emergency stuff, you will have them for the next school year!

And now for the freebie! I've combined a few pages into this pack, it's a little bit of this and that to get your sub tub going!

For reading I've included a page from my Reading Activities For Any Book pack!

For math, it's an answer sheet for any math problem.

For social studies, it's an all about me page.

Just click the cover pic below for your freebie!


  1. Wow! What a great idea. I started my teaching career as a sub. so I know how hard it is to walk in a room with no plans. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Having been a 'guest teacher' years ago, (I call my subs 'guests' and tell my students that we always treat a guest in our home with utmost respect), this is great information. We are 'required' to have a sub box filled with 2-3 days of lessons and materials. Doing the work to be prepared for a substitute does have a payoff for the classroom teacher. Your preparedness usually leads to a calmer day and less issues for the substitute AND your students. It's much easier to come back into the classroom after a day like that, than after they've had a wild, unplanned day. Thanks for the great ideas.

    1. I wish everyone was required, lol! I'm lucky to get lessons. Some teachers don't even have 1 day emergency plans.

      Thanks for leaving a comment Lori :)

  3. I'm LOVING this post! I have emergency subs a lot because I have two boys and sickness just creeps up on them. It's so stressful to miss work when you're not prepared for it. Thanks for the tips!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets


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