I Love Packages!

Oh I love packages! I love shopping in general!

I had a package last week with my new t-shirt...

Mine is grey though. Love it! And I got it from TBA.

Then I had a package when I got home today with my new planner from Paper Coterie. Oh my love! It is gorgeous! And I got to customize a lot of it and with the $40 coupon I had for being a new person, I only had to pay $7 in shipping. That's it! I heard they have deals a lot though, so I can't wait to see what else I need lol.

The cover. I picked the quote. And the pic of course!

I picked the quote and my name. The left I picked and it says "This belongs to Ms. T"

   The month, with notes on the side. Then after the month is  place to write your favorite moments, funny things, grateful for, rambling and to-do list. It does this after each month. I LOVE IT! And the front cover has a plastic flap and there's a bookmark too and the pages are sturdy! Now I feel like I can get my life even more organized and put sub jobs, TPT stuff, and blogging ideas in it. Yay!

Oh and the sale is still on if you are a first time buyer $40 off. But hurry, it ends 9/23. The code is: Welcome2012.



  1. The shirt is so cute! How did you get the $40 coupon? I was just checking out the website and I think I might want to order a planner for myself!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

    1. Hi Sara!

      I got the coupon after seeing it on their FB page.

      And it expires on the 23rd, but the code is:



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