Whatcha Wearing?

Oh exciting, I'm typing this from my phone! Today is Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!
I can't put my linky button from my phone but that's ok!

Feather earrings match well with the shirt and look "country" too. I figured if I can't dress up today, be comfortable and have a theme!

Bangle bracelets complete the outfit. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween !

No Voice!

Perfect, I'm losing my voice and I'm teaching all week!  Too much yelling hahaha, just kidding :)  So I'm going to do mostly photos today :)

From my Monsterly Good Poems pack. Kids ate 'em up!


Seven Years Ago

Seven years ago I lost my cousin Nicole. She and I were pretty close as we were close in age and the younger girl cousins.

Seven years ago I got a phone call saying she was in an accident and was at the hospital.

Seven years ago my heart broke as we raced to the hospital.

Seven years ago my world stopped for a moment as we were too late to say goodbye, that she had left our world and gone on to Heaven. Too young, just a senior in high school, dreams of college and a future.

Seven years ago a new angel was born.

I love you beautiful cousin.


Trick Or Treat Sale!

Surprise! All of my Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving items are on sale 20% off! This is my second sale ever!

Thanks Alisha!

There are other bloggy pals in on this too. Check them out here.

My items on sale include:


Treats, Not Tricks!

Happy Halloween everyone!

I thought it would be fun to give you all a treat on this fun filled day. And some of my buddies are going to link up some treats too!

I made 9 different chevron backgrounds, free for you!

It's up in my TpT store for you!

And some pals of mine have freebies too! A great mix of all sorts of things!  If you have any, feel free to link up! The party closes on Halloween :) 


Love Seeing...

I LOVE seeing my stuff used in other classes!

A few weeks ago, DeAnne at First Grade and Fabulous used my Community Helpers Pack.

Yesterday Reagan at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits featured my Pumpkin Palooza pack!

And today the class I was in were getting my Spanish numbers up. She's a friend, so I sent them to her to get her advice and apparently she loves them lol.

It was weird prepping my own work hahaha.

Here are the product covers :)

And come back tomorrow for a freebie linky party!!!!!!!


Whatcha Wearing Today?

Today totally rocked! It was late start, I had specials, AND... a student teacher who taught the whole day! This substitute just had to sit and look pretty (oh and do some prep stuff).

So, speaking of sitting and looking pretty, it's Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!

T-shirt, wrap from Esprit, and jeans.

Spotted headband with black oval from Zumiez (yes Zumiez. I had a giftcard and they had this bin of headbands!)

This is one earring, but double hoop. It's from Lia Sophia :)

Hope you all had a great day!


Rain, Pool, and Tank

Seems like the theme of today is water! Downpour this morning and showers off and on today. The class I subbed for is in a portable, so I had to pray for a break in the weather coming in and out lol.

The class is finishing up their science unit with crabs, superworms, and frogs. Oh and guppies. Here's a picture of their fish and one of the frogs.

We also had swimming lessons. Oh joy. I was worried I'd lose someone! I kept counting to 25 (one was absent). I grabbed them from lunch at 12:45, loaded on the bus. Everyone in the pool by 1:00 and they had their lesson. Everyone out at 1:55 and back on the bus by 2:05 so we get back by 2:15 because school is out at 2:20.

They were diving at the end of their lesson :)


1st Year Memory

I'm linking up with The 3 AM Teacher!

A memory from my first year as a blogger?

My favorite memory was the day I logged into my e-mail and saw an invitation from Tamara at Teaching With TLC. The e-mail was my invite to be an author on Teaching Blog Addict!  Of course I took the opportunity to be an author. And through TBA, I've met and made many great friends, have attended teaching expos online through Teachers Notebook, and have participated in fun linky parties.

Thanks Michelle for allowing me to reflect back on a highlight in my first year!

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