Happy Camper

My sub job was cancelled today but not until after school started. In this district, I'm guaranteed a 1/2 day pay if my job is cancelled after my hours start. I helped in two 4th grade classes and the SLD class. Oh those kids are so sweet and loving!

But I do miss camping and it's hard to believe I just left yesterday! We had the most perfect weather, a great time, and FUN!

Little sweetie pie had 2 tumbles and needed a rest while her dad played horseshoes.

My lap warmer Allie. She is my friend's dog.

Little guy that scared the you know what out of my friend Cindy!

Craft night...that my friend saw on Pinterest where you cut out eyes from a toilet paper tube and put in a glow stick.

Potluck! We had over 60 people in line.

Little miss is in kindergarten, I saw her today. And her sweet little baby sister.

Baby Gwen that I took care of a lot since her mom was working and dad had 3 girls (5, 3, and Gwen is 8 months). She was teething but still pretty happy. I miss her already :(

Warm weather and water!

It was like this every day!



  1. I am your newest follower! Can I just say that your photos make me miss summer like crazy?

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

  2. Looks like so much fun. I grew up in Colorado and I miss camping. Hoping to take my girls back there soon.



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