Educents Bundle

I'm so happy to tell you guys that I'm part of the Educents bundle for 2nd grade! This amazing bundle has 24 instant downloads, with a variety of activities.

Again, I'm super excited to be part of this bundle!  I know you will love my 2nd Grade Sub Plans!

Click here for the link.

This whole thing is so neat!   There are 23 other products in our bundle to get your kids learning, from some amazing teachers!  Hop along to see all the goodies you will get!  Hop on to Primary Punch to see what she's including in the bundle.


But that's not all!   I am giving you a chance to Pin It to Win It (well, you win any item from my store.)  Pin any image from my blog and enter below to win!

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The deal won't last long so head over now!

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Something's Coming...

Ok, so I've been slacking on the Vloggy Friday thing, but it'll be coming back soon, I promise! I just figured you didn't want to hear my stuffed up voice. First cold of the season!  But that's alright, because I had to tell you that something is coming and I'm so excited. Like it's happening this weekend! I can't wait!

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Fall Books Linky

Hey everyone!

My last blog post talked about some of my fall products. Today I'm linking up with The Teacher's Treasure Chest for some favorite fall books!

It's throwback time! I wrote a blog post last year about reading Leaf Man and then the kids made leaf art (but not men).

And then in another post, I talked about how I read Fresh Fall Leaves and the activities I did with the book.

What are your favorite fall books? Do you have any fun activities?

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Fall Fever

Hey everyone!

I'm sure you are all busy like me and trying to keep afloat. I've been subbing since the second week of school, 4-5 days each week. This last week was 4 days of kinder and only their first full week. So they were tired from full days of kinder. And I had criers.  And I'm fighting my first cold of the season, yippee.

Let's talk about fall! Today's the first day of fall and boy, here in Oregon it came in with an entrance! It's windy, rainy, and the lights are flickering. But it's perfect weather for soup, hoodies, and candles, yay!

One of my newest products in my store I love so much because of the fall theme! Leaves, pumpkins, and apples, my fave!

I also need to find where I put my copies of this bad boy to put in my sub bag. I know I had these last year because the kids were giggling at my pumpkin fever poem, lol.

Hope you all have a great week!

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear Week!

Hey everyone! So happy that I have actual content stuff again. Love sharing what I do with you all! Whew, it's only Monday but I am EXHAUSTED! I'm subbing three days in kinder and today was only their second full day altogether because they stagger them and Friday was their first day altogether.

Overall, it went fairly well and only a few minor meltdowns. Today we kicked off Brown Bear, Brown Bear week. I was given instructions to wear a brown shirt and I was the only kinder teacher to remember. Tomorrow will be red!

Here's a peek at what we worked on today.

We talked about what things are brown. I read a flap book and then they worked on their own.

I read Brown Bear, Brown Bear (well in my case Oso cafe, Oso cafe since I'm in a bilingual class). Then since today was brown day, we only colored the bear today. And the cover, since the bear is on it.

This is a sequence activity and they'll color and glue on a sentence strip. Just getting things ready!

Tomorrow I'll wear red and we'll learn about red things and color in the red bird page of the book. I'm off to hunt for something yellow for Wednesday :)

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Vloggy Friday: What Makes A Good Sub?

Hey everyone!!!

Today's vlog is about what I think a 'good substitute' is. There's no right answer to what that is, but here's my take!

Thanks for watching! And remember, if you have a q for me, leave it in the comments below, on Youtube, or click 'contact me' above and shoot me an email. Class dismissed ;)

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Substitute Preparedness #9: Routine

Well, this substitute wasn't prepared and forgot to preschedule a blog post while I was on vacation haha! So here we are, the 9th installment of Substitute Preparedness!

Today I'm talking about routine. Whether you are at home or at school you need a routine. I'm going to talk about both.

At home, I have a routine that helps me be prepared for the next day, because I don't know if I'll get that 5:30 am call.  I have my lunch pretty much packed, clothes laid out, and sub bag ready. Even the coffee mug is ready for me to hit brew!

At school, kids need routine too. Don't try to change the schedule too much, just because you have a sub. Kids like a schedule and routine. They can even help out the sub if they know it well enough!

Today's freebies include a weekly layout. You could write your daily meal, what you are going to wear, important info, etc.  I have one in a picture frame so that I can dry erase on  it.  These can be used at home or at school. These could really be used for anything that you need to keep track of for the week.  Or even a quick chore chart for a kiddo. Enjoy :)

Click here or the picture.


Vloggy Friday: TpT Similar Listing Tutorial

Hey everyone! I had no Q and A's this week so I'm bringing you a tutorial for TpT. It's about how to create similar listings!

Hope this helps you!

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