Yeah it starts tomorrow, but I don't want to be last! And it's April in Germany already, so there!

Listening: I wake up hearing Radioactive in my head every  morning, good thing I love it!

Loving: German chocolate from my Oma is DELISH. It may be gone by the end of the week.

Thinking: My clothes are spewing out of my closet. 'nuff said.

Wanting: I started this one pack ages ago, but get new clip art and new ideas and poor things been sitting in the 'in progress' folder for months.

Needing: Split ends...time for a snip snip here!

Advice: This can go for blogging or selling. You aren't going to get hundreds of followers overnight. People will come. Get your name out there, join linky parties (CURRENTLY hint hint), and have patience. 

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FB Tips

Hi guys! I had some friends say I should share a few tips about having a blog FB page.

This quick tutorial has to do with prescheduling FB posts, how to get more views, and a cool new FB feature.

And I took a picture of what the reply thing did..(Oh and as you can see from the pic, that stupid post didn't delete like I thought it did!)

So you see I was able to reply to DillyDabbles comment directly!

Would you guys like a video on Shortstack?

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Organizing Review

I love to get things organized! And when I have a lot of office supplies, I need to organize those too! So when I got two items, I put them to use right away.

The first item is  the Officemate Recycled Rotary Organizer.
Look at all that storage! It says it can even hold a ruler and I believe it because one of the inside parts is deep. I mean look at this! 2 rows plus the middle inside part. *swoon* It even has a special spot for post its.

And the best part....a built in tape dispenser! So cool!  I've never seen anything like this before!
So much room for my paper clips, tacks, pens, and everything else!

The second item is Officemate Portable Dry Erase Clipboard.

I plan to use this baby a lot. I'm on the committee for the local Relay for Life and am pretty busy with it. I have lots of papers, flyers, and contact info I want in one place. This is coming with me to every meeting!

Clip on the front, nice!

Oh yeah, dry erase too!

Compartment inside for papers, a spot for pens, and even two little compartments for paper clips  and notes.
I love that this is all in one little carrying case! can follow me on Bloglovin' now!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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10 Things To Do For Spring Break

Some of you already had Spring Break, some are on it, and some have it coming still.

If you've got kids, the first few days are fine, but then they tend to get bored. Here are 10 things to do!

1.  Go for a nature walk. Hopefully where you are it's warm enough to do that! Snap some pictures while you are out.

Taken by my friend Heather.

2. Plant a garden! Not only will you spend time with your kids, but you'll be able to enjoy what you grow.

Planted these this week!

3. Bird watch! Create a bird feeder or put out a bird bath and watch the birds. A simple bird feeder would be attaching a piece of yarn to a pine cone covered in peanut butter and birdseed.

                                                                               Source: via Haley on Pinterest

4. Painting with nature... use a flowers or branches to paint with.

5. Spring Scavenger Hunt! Have your kiddos hunt specific types of flowers or listen for certain spring sounds like birds. They'll learn about nature and have fun!

6. Make a glow in the dark garden! This seems to be the new thing. Paint rocks with glow in the dark paint or other things. I have this glow in the dark butterfly in a jar!

7.  Go fly a kite! Hopefully you have some spring breezes around! Don't have one? Make one!

                                                                             Source: via Betty on Pinterest

8. Make a spring craft! Flowers, trees, ducklings, or lambs...a spring craft is sure to be fun! Look at this fun thumb print painting by my friend's sister!

                                                           Source: via Deb @ Living Montessori Now on Pinterest

9. Squirt art! I think I may have to do this myself and I don't have kids!

                                                                     Source: via Rockabye on Pinterest

10. Just sit outside and read, or have a picnic. Or just sit and relax!
My cat and I relaxing!

Hopefully you can beat that boredom!

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Zippin Down The Freebie Trail

Hip Hop Hooray, you're zippin down the freebie trail!

There's been great freebies so far and more to come. Don't miss out on any, so click the orange button to go back to the first post so you don't miss any! I had so much fun with this last year, that I just couldn't pass up the chance again this year.

Even though it has a bunny activity or two, it's Spring Themed. There's also a flower, a chick, and a duck, so it's not "Easter" themed really, more springy :)

Just add dice!

You can find this freebie in my TpT store and my TN store.

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Spring Is Here and a Freebie (or five)

Spring is here? Really? Could have fooled me!


So how have I spent my first three days of Spring Break, besides trying to stay dry and warm?

I've been revamping stuff in my TN store, starting with freebies and now I'm working on paid products. Then I'll upload some to my TpT store.

First I wanted to revamp the covers, but then I wanted to change the fonts. And if you change the fonts, chances are you will change the graphics. And if you change the graphics, then you might as well change or add to the pack...and if you give a teacher...hahaha just kidding :) People, I was horrified at what I had made. I thought it was good! Well the content was good, but fonts and graphics oh my!

So hopefully you can use this before/after Spring Break :)

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Spring Break Bucket List

I'm officially on Spring Break!  And there's a 95% chance I have a rib out, boo! But I think it's better this morning already, whew.

Now I'm not doing anything exciting like going to Hawaii like my parents (boo hiss, I couldn't convince them to take me).

But I plan on a few things...

1) Relax!
2) Workout
3) Try some new recipes.

I know I've said it before, but I LOVE

4) Have a pajama/popcorn/movie night with one of my besties. 
5) Craft day with the same bestie! 

Blech cute pic but my face is not as round anymore lol.

We were running a city bbq. Tons of fun!

6) Work on some new products! 
7) Sleep in!

I'm linking up with Brigid!

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Leprechaun Mischief

I fully intended on having the leprechaun visit the class Friday, but I'm subbing for a class for three days and just needed the morning to situate myself, especially since then it would be the weekend.

So instead, I planted the seed of leprechauns in their minds and then they came in today...

A note on the board. Naughty leprechaun changed my name and the date!

Foot prints everywhere, even the clock!

Made the room a mess!

But they found the treasure for cleaning up!

I had them wondering about leprechauns all day hahaha! One whispered to me, "I thought teachers just did it, but ours is on vacation, so she couldn't have." 

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Hop to It!

When a buddy asked if I wanted to do a blog hop, I said sure! You can hop from blog to blog March 15th - 17th to get your freebie and enter to win a basket full of lesson packets. PLUS there is a TN gift certificate.  Enter to win on each blog so you'll have a greater chance of winning!!!

 Each blogger is donating a lesson packet for the prize basket.  Each of us will choose a winner.  The winners will get ALL the lesson packets from ALL the bloggers.  Steve, the owner of Teachers Notebook, has also generously donated our grand prize which is a Teachers Notebook gift certificate.  One lucky person will win it. The more blogs you visit and enter, the greater your chances are that you will win.  So HOP TO IT!

Click HERE to find out more about The Queen of Teens.

Click HERE to download my freebie.

Now for the basket full of lessons! To enter you need to follow my Teachers Notebook store and follow my Facebook page.

Now that you've entered, it's time to hop to my friends' blogs to see their great prizes and freebies.  Remember,  the more blogs you visit and enter on their rafflecopter, the greater your chances are of winning.

Arlene @ LMN Tree
Michelle @ Teach123
Yvonne @ Mixminder

The winner will be announced on our Facebook pages on Monday, March 18th.  

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