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Oh what a day! I had some pretty awesome 4th graders. Tomorrow we have no specials so I was going to do some planning after school today since I have over an hour after duty, but that got changed. I spent my hour doing conference stuff instead. As in so many kids have siblings in other classes, that all teachers met together and they shouted out names of siblings/teachers and we shouted out times we had available. Kind of chaotic and took an hour. So tomorrow morning I'll have to whip out whatever since I have no specials. Two days in the same class can be awesome or bad, but awesome in this case :)

So what's my title today mean? We teach 35-40 minutes each day ESOL or SLD if they are learning Spanish/Russian/Rosetta Stone language lol. My class was reviewing how to engage and hold a conversation and the difference between open ended questions vs. yes/no questions.

I told them I used this in high school on the newspaper staff. And then I decided to go for it 100%. I told them the Ms. T show was going live in 2 minutes and be prepared to be a guest getting asked questions. They were so excited! They counted down and said "You're live Ms. T!"

So I started off using the sentence frames the ESOL program provided. And it came out to be something like this:

"Good afternoon everyone! I am your host today. My name is Ms. T and this is The Talk of The School, my show about all things school! My first guest today is ____________."

Then I'd introduce the guest, ask for a warm welcome, and ask an open ended question. Then they also learned about follow-up questions so I did that too. At the end of my show, I thanked them all for tuning in. Oh and did I mention my microphone was a paintbrush? They may have thought I was nuts, but they had fun and were learning. And I bet they'll be able to tell you what an open-ended question is vs. a yes/no question :)



  1. We schedule conferences for thoses with siblings in the morning. Our principal makes a list of those kids and we route it from K-6. So when I get the list, I find the ones with younger siblings and make their conferences right before/after that. Then I schedule the ones with older siblings. Later we fill in all the rest of our students. Very civilized and goes quickly!

  2. The Ms T show!! LOVE it! What a fun and effective way to teach about open-ended questions!!


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