Friday Freebie: Round the Clock Labels!

Hey bloggers! Time for a Friday Freebie. I think I'm going to try doing more of these again, at least once a month.

The fun thing with back to school and me subbing again, a few of my teacher friends are requesting things from me. In fact, I subbed yesterday and it was the second day of school! It went well, even with less than substantial plans...basically I had assessments and about an hour of nothing but I rocked it out!

Anyway, one of my friends wanted to spruce up her room and clock, so I made these round the clock labels.

This set comes with 3 different styled labels. I personally love the bright pop of the neon clocks!

You can find these at my TpT store: Clock Labels . Happy Friday and weekend!



  1. Love the clock labels.

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  2. Are you already working ? I usually have the first week off from subbing.

  3. Love your clock labels. I am very excited for your next freebie. Anyhooo, enjoy your subbing days! :)


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