Slicky It Up!

Hey everyone!

This year I'm out in a portable and will have some wall space and some cabinets. I have two whiteboards, but feel like I could always use more. Cue the slickyboard!

I received this kit from shoplet and it came with 10 sheets, plus medium and large slickynotes.

What is a slickyboard? It's  electrostatically charged dry-erase sheets!  Stick up a sheet and write on it or slap on a slickynote. This means I can put up or take down a dry-erase board anytime and instantly.

The back of the slickynotes are green. Don't write on that side...not that I know that or anything :)

This is the large size.

Not only do they stick on the walls or smooth surfaces, they go on windows too!

 So they can peel, but in all fairness, my wall is textured. On the instructions it says it can last weeks to months. I might tape it on for extra security if I need it up that long. That's the only thing that I don't like, that they might peel off.

  People, there is no adhesive, this is all static!
You can also write on the slickyboard. Then slide on the notes!

I plan on doing graphing questions, KWL charts, and tons more interactive things. Perfect for the "what stuck with you" at the end of lessons too.

You can get the EcoStatic Inc. Beginner Kit Glue Free Whiteboard Sheets and SlickyNote Note Pad , the EcoStatic Inc. Recycled Glue Free SlickyNotes Note Pad  at Shoplet.

**This is an honest review. All opinions are mine. I was sent the stlickynote and board to review in return of a review. Shoplet has other things besides office supplies .

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What The Teacher Reads Posters

Hey everyone!

Quick blog post here, dropping off a freebie for you! I want my kids to know that I'm reading and help instill that love for reading.

I recently posted on IG (@teacherjourney) posters super similar to these (I had to use different papers  on here because of TOU from the other owner). I mad it in three colors: black, green, and turquoise. Sorry if they don't fit your scheme, but black goes with anything!

Just add your name above this and it will make a great bulletin board (or cabinet display like mine will probably be!)

Click any picture to grab and download. Enjoy!


Classroom Decor Haul #2

Hey everyone!

Not to be discouraged after having an empty Target Dollar Spot, I decided to go elsewhere. This was also after Vegas and feeling re-energized with all things teaching, I decided to hit up my local Dollar Tree after seeing several social media posts. Lo and behold, I had some success!  Even though green isn't one of my room colors and this blue isn't quite either, I love them. I'm thinking if I don't use these in my library, they'll be material storage in my science/math closet.

Then I saw the garbage buckets, perfect for cutting scraps. So cute!

Only thing I grabbed at Wal-Mart school wise was this calendar that matches my room and will keep me organized for meetings and that sort of stuff.

Finally I hit up my town's new TJ Maxx. Yes, TJ Maxx in town. Deadly. I had major success.

I grabbed a large and small woven black basket that will either be clipboards, magazine, or some other storage. The pic only shows the large one. I also got a 9 pack of organizing storage bins. I don't have a desk, but thought I might use it on a bookshelf to hold my stuff or for my guided reading table.

I found this amazing rug that was only $7.99 and is washable and you can even just shake out. Library area or front of the room I'm thinking.

Cute chalkboard apple jar for $2.99 that I'll keep treats in for teacher friends that stop in... they know I have the sweets.

This tea canister was so cute and though I do drink tea, I'm thinking it might be for my personal stash of sweets...shhh! Plus the ongoing joke is that I'm Ms. T that drinks tea, so I had to, and for $3.99, it didn't break the bank.

It seems to me that my room is going to be filled with little wooden signs with sayings and I LOVE IT! That will make the room seem more like a home.

First is the selfie one that is so appropriate. If/when I ever get a home office, this might have to come back home to there haha.

Finally, a sign that will hopefully help motivate my kiddos to work for what they want.

I really cannot wait to put these together in my class and see what it turns out like. I just want my room to feel comfy and like a home, classic, and something fun for my 4th graders. I'm loving all these accent pieces and knick- knacks!


Back To School Giveaway

Hey everyone!

I am joining up with the girls at Owl-Ways Be Inspired for a fun giveaway to get ready for back to school.

First, on my blog, you can enter to win $50 to shop in my store!

Next, head over to the Owl-Ways Be Inspired blog to win gift cards and see what the other Owls are giving away!

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TpT + Vegas = Amazing Memories

Hey everyone!

I flew back yesterday from being in Vegas from Tuesday through Sunday and let me say, I knew I needed sleep, but didn't realize how much!  The lack of sleep was totally worth every minute in Vegas though and I'd happily give up my sleep for that time again!

My week was jam packed! It started as soon as I hit the ground on the plane as I rushed to head to the GoNoodle booth (my room wasn't ready and I left my baggage in their holding spot).

I worked the booth with GoNoodle, Natalie, and Marcy. Though it didn't feel like work because we were having so much fun interacting with others, explaining GoNoodle, and of course dancing (Pop See Ko was stuck in my head all day).

I connected with so many people! Old friends and new, I just loved networking. You'd think coming alone to Vegas is scary (ok, the first year it was overwhelming), but this is my 3rd year and you just make so many connections each year.

I believe there were over 1,000 people there. I don't know. I stood in one area and didn't move from a 10 foot radius haha. I did meet a ton of new friends and hugged some old friends. It was a lot of fun!

 I love these girls! We are a few of the Owls from Owl-Ways Be Inspired. 

There seemed to always be a group dinner or lunch that I loved! The right pic is from my other collab blog, A Spark of Inspiration. So much fun!

Yes, I went to Vegas for PD too and I have proof! It wasn't all just hanging out with friends (though I did sit with some during sessions), I learned stuff too!

 I loved that some of the PD I went to was taught by my friends, Stephanie and Hadar, Kelley, and more!
 I got Paul swag from Heather and Jen and I love it!
 I mean what other company lets you celebrate their birthday with them? 1,100 of us singing happy birthday to the newly title Director of Seller Happiness!

Then we ended the conference with happy hour and some networking. Had to have a pic with Paul!

What did I learn and takeaway from this all? Be yourself. Be original. Find your niche and stick with it.

With that all said, I'm linking up with the Elementary Entourage for their TpT Conference Linky Party.

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Realia In The Classroom: Pioneers and The Oregon Trail

Hey everyone!

Last time I talked about realia, I talked about Native Americans and things I got for the unit. I'm back with a new topic: Oregon Trail!

Since I live in Oregon, I have to do this topic justice!  Let's start with some of the books (I have several  more, but they are packed up.)

My kids will eat these up! I do have a handful more of Oregon Trail books, but they are packed up.

Next for the realia!

I plan on wearing these the first day of our unit to hook them in! 

Bonnet like Ma (Ingalls) would wear!

An apron with a pocket for teacher stuff is a must!

Here's me in the bonnet:

 I've read a few times that the ladies had a hard time seeing out, yep! Goofy blooper pic below haha.

Now for the kids...

I bought 2 sets of bandanas, but will have to go to the store to get a handful more because if I have 29 kids, they all need to wear one! When I was in 4th grade, we were in wagon trains and my wagon got shot at with arrows and we had to wear a bandana all day. Now I might do that or I might just let them wear it around their neck like a cowboy/girl . Maybe the girls could use as a bonnet?

Also in the plans... making our own butter, turning the desk groups into a wagon, maybe making hardtack...


Classroom Decor Shopping Haul

Hey everyone,

I don't think I've ever done a haul blog post before! Maybe that's because I never had my own class and last year was too insane to do a haul post haha!

I was in search of an elusive Moroccan rug that I'd seen on IG but Ross and Marshalls didn't have it, boo, but I'll keep an eye out for it.

First stop: Michaels!

My main goal was this beauty that was on sale for 2 days only at $29.99!

I texted my mom and said that I had wanted this since I first graduated college haha. It may not go with my theme per se, but I love it and it's going to be for my guided reading groups. Each group has a drawer and then 3-4 left over for storing stuff.

This adorable chalk hanger was only $3.99!  I can put a quote a day on there with chalk markers I bought.

I snagged this up because of the quatrefoil design that matches my room and it'll be a reminder for me on my teacher table/desk. $2!

 For $3 I snagged this up because it's a quote I love and I think will look nice in our library. $3

My last find, I just had to get and will also go in my library, for $2.

Next stop: Target!

 This ottoman has storage and will be perfect for me to use as my teacher "chair". Or maybe I'll stick it in the library. This was $16.99 in the college room decor area. That's where I got the next item too!
 Peeking out of the ottoman is this lovely, but what's even lovelier is that the other side of this pillow has this...

Once I defuzz it, it'll look better haha. Love, love, love this! Only $9.99.

Last stop: Marshalls.

I had stopped here in hopes for the rug, but alas, no luck. I did buy this though ($4.99).

 This is something I told my class last year, all the time. I'm so happy I have them again, because yes, we are a 

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