Vloggy Friday!

Hey everyone!

So while you are reading this blog post, I'm camping! I decided that I'll probably tape each week's vlog the week before. It takes a long time for the video to save and then if I edit, like in this video, it takes awhile. Then it takes a long time to upload on Youtube, even a short clip. Props to the people that do this every day. Once a week is enough for me! And when I have time, I'll tweak my credits and change out that music lol.

Anywho, this week's vlog is all about the sub bag and what I have in mine.

Hope this helps some of you!

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Clothes Shopping Finds

Hey everyone!

Oh what a weekend! I went teacher clothes shopping, went to my cousin's 1st birthday, and was a featured resource in the TpT newsletter for my reading activities pack, hurray!

Here are some snapshots of my weekend with some of my purchases.

Had lunch date with my momma and shopping and fro yo :) Random cute baby in the background lol.
Edit (just for Becky lol): A silver wristlet that I got for 50% off plus an additional 30% and it was already marked down :)

Dress Barn find!


From Marshalls

From Target

Target as well on clearance rack.

I'm not usually a dress person but this is cute!!!! 

And I got 2 pairs of shoes at Naturalizer both marked off 80%!!! It was a successful shopping weekend for sure

My adorable cute 1 year old cousin Landon. Love him!

And now I'm packing for my last camping vacation of the year. Which is all the first of the year lol. 

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First official Vlog!

Hey everyone!

I'm kind of geeking out about my Vloggy Friday!  So after my first one posted, I was so psyched to do my next one that I filmed it! And then I had to be like some of my fave vloggers and have an intro. My mom just shook her head when I showed it to her. "You are such a goofball." Um yep and I wanted to show you the real me!
 Don't mind the double intro and credits. When I did my original editing, I put a slide in for a cover and a slide in for credits and then went all fancy with a separate intro and credits that blends in. So my next vlog will be even better...practice makes perfect! And I turned up my volume to hear me and then the credits blasted my ears hahaha.

Anyway, SUPER excited for my official looking vlog :) And without further ado...

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Who Is That Blogger?

This was a fun idea! Who is that blogger?

Welcome Everyone!!

         Are you ready to have some fun??
                                              ....Play a game?
                                                              .....Win  prizes and cash?

I have teamed up with 65 AMAZING blogger buddies to put together the ultimate Back to School Linky/Giveaway!!!

Each one of my blogger buddies submitted a cute childhood photo & generously donated something special from their online TpT shops for this occasion!! We have included a fun game for you to play for a chance to win over $300.00 in prizes and a BONUS  CASH-PRIZE raffle you can enter at the end of this post!! 


The game is easy to play....

 Your job will be to try and match each blogger with their childhood photo!!! With over 60 childhood photos and bloggers to match up, this might get tricky!! As I mentioned above, each blogger has generously donated one awesome prize from their TpT store. Successfully match a blogger and childhood photo, and you win the prize offered from that blogger!!! The more you matches you make, the more prizes you win!!! 

Check out some of the prizes you could win!!!

but Wait....
That's not all....

ONE lucky follower will win a $125 Amazon Gift Card!! Scroll to the bottom & follow the directions in the Rafflecopter for a chance to win $$$

The link below will open a form that will allow you to submit your answers for the match up. 

Use the blogger links and numbered images to help you along the way!! Each childhood photo has been assigned a specific number. 

Once you open the form, use the drop-down menu beneath each blog button and select a number that corresponds to a childhood photo. 

The form results will be collected throughout the week. At the end of the week, each submission will be "graded" and you will receive a prize for each blogger and photo you successfully matched up!!

The game closes on Friday, August 23rd at midnight (Arizona Mountain Time). Answers will be announced on Saturday, August 24th. Winners will be notified through email throughout the week. 

Use the blog links below the photos to search for clues!!
Click HERE to Play the Matching Game!!


Follow the directions in the Rafflecopter for a chance to win a $125 Amazon gift card!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much for participating!!! Good Luck!!!

If you would like to post about this linky/giveaway, grab the special image below to display in your post and link up below!!! Make sure to use the link to the actual post,,,

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B2S Sale and a Linky

Ah, it's the TpT B2S sale!!!! I am going to buy so much clip art! Christina from Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge is having a fun little linky party!

Teacher's Pet:  My B2S themed sub plans for K-2 are one of my fave items. Printed and taking them with me to my sub jobs. 

Most likely to help your students succeed: My reading activities are fun but they are learning. And you can use any book!

Best couple: This was tough for me because I love my Arrr R controlled vowel pack, but these are so good together, my vowel digraphs and digraphs. Plus, cat and dog are a cute pair lol. I sell them separate or in a bundle

Can't wait to see what you all have in your store that I should get!

My store

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You guys are so sweet :) Thanks for the positive and warm comments after my meltdown pouting session. It's just uber frustrating especially when I had a friend text me later that night saying her school has been hiring outsiders blah. I know the main reason is that I'm not fully bilingual in Spanish.

Ok, moving on...  I got brave and made quick video clip. In it I talk about my little obsession this summer and ask you guys all a question that I would love you to answer/give feedback on. Thanks!

P.S. I hate that I can't choose the thumbnail that it starts on yet haha.
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Shopping and a Lesson

I just got back from shopping at Walmart and there were a few things I wanted to share with you. First few are physical items, the rest are mental items ;)

I want that turquoise quatrefoil because it matches my blog!!!!

I HAD to buy this!!!! Isn't it just a notebook you ask? No....

It's an iPad holder! Yay! And that's some of my  blogger buddies, Amber and Lindsay!

Ok, now for the more mental part. No I'm not crazy (yet lol). But I've always been honest with you all and this is a part of my life. And it's what made me start my blog. I always try to be upbeat on here, but my life isn't always upbeat. I get sad. Especially this time of year when my friends are getting ready for school and I'm packing my sub bag. 

 In front of me checking out was a teacher. Behind me checking out was a teacher. One from each of my school districts. Both asked if I was working full time. I always feel a little weird because when I say no, I automatically start thinking about what they're thinking. Like , "She's not good enough I guess" and other stuff. I know it's silly because I know I'm good enough. I do, but those thoughts still go through my head that they are judging me. Though one teacher wanted my card and she said, "So I can request you every time I'm gone."

Now I could sit here and cry (maybe I did for a minute). But what good would that do? It doesn't solve anything and besides, my mascara would run! I feel that I was led to start a blog for a reason. To help other subs and teachers out there. To help teachers across the world. I mean, some of my stuff that I create is being used across the world? How could I be sad about that? If I was working full time, I don't know how much time I'd have to create products. Less than normal, that's for sure. 

And when I get comments from other subs and teachers that I've helped them, I know I'm doing the right thing. The feedback like these two make it worth it and put a smile on my face.

How could this not make me smile?!?! P.S.... if you use one of my items in your class, I would LOVE to see pics of it in action! Let me know! And maybe if I put it on my blog, you'll get something *hint hint*

Or this feedback?

The kids loved it...yay! 

I'm not looking for sympathy, I just felt like that I was meant to share it. Maybe someone was needing to hear that they are not alone or that it will be ok. I know when the time is right, it will happen. I know that God has something in store and that I just have to wait (patiently). I'll leave you with this quote (feel free to grab the pic).

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Wall Decals and A Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I had the opportunity to work with Katie from Wise Decor . In LOVE with all of their stuff. They have wall words and decals for every room in the house and even for school! Seriously, when I get a classroom, this is the one I want:

Classroom Rules Modern

This is one of their newer items and I love it! 
Another reason why I love this company? You can pick the colors, the size, and a font from their selection!

I got sent something to try out and I cannot stop staring at it now that it's up!

When I got this little package in the mail, I had to do a double take because it's small and I love it!

Then I opened it and found a set of tester letters "Bon Appetit" That's going in the kitchen!

Well actually cleaning the wall is!

And guess what?!?!?!? Wise Decor has so graciously donated a $75 gift card to their site for one lucky follower! Seriously, no joke!!! I'd enter if I could because there are so many amazing choices!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Back To School Emag

I love e-magazines (aka emags). I recently had the chance to collaborate in a back to school emag with some amazing bloggers. It is FAB!

You can click the pictures on each page to go to the item. There are some amazing products and items in there that I totally agree every teacher should have. While you're checking out the emag, you can also check out our blogs! Found some new ones to scope out!

So many great ideas to have and great blogs to read, all in one place! This is one thing you should read!
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Substitute Preparedness #8: Reading and Subs

Hello everyone! Thanks for coming to my monthly series.

Last month's sub binder was a HUGE hit and went viral, so thanks so much! I appreciate the pins and repins, I truly do!

So looking at my title, you're probably thinking,  what does reading have to do with subs? Reading has a lot to do with subs (I think so anyway lol) We read the lesson plans (well most of us do), but that's not what I meant by reading.

I can pretty much guarantee that there is a read aloud time in your schedule. I try to bring my own books from home, so that they are 'special' and not necessarily something in the teacher's library. On the other hand, I do love reading the author of the month books, like Robert Munsch, Eric Carle, etc.

What kinds of books have I brought and read to kids? Stuff from local book shops (mine closed a few years ago, boo!), local author books, and just some no name brand books. I find that they hold the kiddos interest better because it's not something they've seen before (I do love me some SkippyJon Jones though and David books).

So funny!

This is a fave and the kids love counting with me and watching out for the cat.'

Another reason a sub doing a read aloud is great, is that it's a chance for the sub to connect with the class. I can't but help share my love for reading with the kids and they can see that. I also tend to use voices (hello SkippyJon!) when reading and they love that!

With the older kids, I tend to read when they are reading. Yes, I can still keep an eye on the class (peripheral vision). But they think it is the COOLEST thing ever that I'm reading when they are. And no, it's not romance haha! I try to either read a young adult book when I'm there or a mystery book.

In Vegas, I went to one of Danny Brassell's  sessions and he said that's what teachers should do. Read when the kids read and not work on grading papers or sit at your computer. The kids will be more involved.

I still remember the time I was reading a book in a 3rd grade class that was having a hard time doing the 'reading to self" bit and were super noisy. But some kids started shushing others so that they wouldn't disturb Ms. T while she was reading and pretty soon, every one was reading. They were also interested in what I was reading and what was about. They thought it was cool that I like mystery and suspense books.

There is a sub tub freebie that goes along with it...it's a rate the book freebie and some bookmarks your sub can hand out to the kids.

sub tub
Click here to get it!

So the seconds freebie is a tad different than norm. It's not something that you would put in your sub tub, but something that you would put in your library.

So what this reading area poster set has is posters with reading quotes and a little graphic. There are also quotes from movie/book characters with graphics. I put them in landscape and in portrait options both.

Here's a peek :)

Click the cover or this link to grab them!

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Sub Bag Ready!

As I see others post their classroom pictures and their back to school finds and purchases, I always get a little envious. Good thing I can go to my friend's class and help her set up! But then I think about the meetings, trainings, lesson plans, and then I feel better lol.

So what do subs do to get ready for the next school year?  Well first I have to sign the waiver that I want to come back to the school district (if they send it to you that is). Then one of my two districts requires that have I training. We used to have to go in for an afternoon of training, but it's all gone digital now. I get to be in my pjs and in bed while on my laptop!

I have to do AED training, Sexual Harassment, Hazard Communications, Drug Free Workplace, Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting, and Bloodborne Pathogens.  Some are pdfs and some are videos or powerpoints.  I have to fill out an assurance of completion for all of them and drop them off at the district office and then my online sub system clears me and I'm good to go. I try to do this ASAP because one year I subbed the first day of school. So you never know!

I also went through and cleaned out my sub bag and restocked it. New stickers, new time fillers, and took out seasonal stuff. I was still carrying things around from October last year!  I added some of own sub plan stuff into and a few pages from my reading activities pack.

I'm super excited about using these this year! Love my reading activities! Plus I just got the sweetest feedback on them!

I still need to go add a picture book to my bag, something new, because I'm tired of the ones I read last year over and over, but the kids liked them!

And I added my Draw Write Now book that I just got from Barker Creek!

My sub bag is ready to rock woohoo!

New shoes and new clothes are also ready to go in my closet, but I still need some new clothes.

School doesn't start until after Labor Day, but now I don't have to worry over preparing so much, since it's mostly done!

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