Impromptu Meet Up and Winners!

Amazing! So I was at a grapestomping festival yesterday and it was beautiful weather! I was happy because my fave band from Germany was playing and I was eating my sauerkraut and bratwurst too. The owner's wife makes the best sauerkraut!

Anyway, a friend wanted to dance with me so I'm dancing, when up comes a lady with a pic on her phone of me on FB and then we discovered we 'knew' each other. Other bloggers!

She is Teacher Laura!

And then she took me over to meet her sister who is Third Grade al Dente!

When I introduced myself to Michelle, I told her my name and there was a pause, and I was like, "You know, Journey of a Substitute Teacher?" It was so cool to meet bloggers that I feel like I 'know'. Maybe we'll meet up again, I know I'd love to chat longer!

And my winners from my giveaway are!

You'll be getting an e-mail ladies!



Thanks for leaving me happy notes!

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