Chin Up...

I'm trying to keep my chin up today. I got a phone call this morning that my Oma in Germany had a heart attack. Just got another phone call that she had a stint put in and has liquid in her lungs.  There'll be an update phone call tomorrow.

I feel so helpless and so besides praying, I decided to distract myself. Plus I'm still fighting some sort of crud... I went on to Pinterest and found some inspiring quotes.



If you're the praying kind, any extras my Oma's way would be spectacular and appreciated. Thanks!



  1. Praying for you and your Oma. I know that it is hard for you being so far away. Love the quotes.

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  2. Still thinking of you, Tanja. My dad and his family emigrated from Germany when he was a boy, and I still have a lot of family there. Something about the word, "Oma" brings it all back. Hoping for good news for you tomorrow.

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  3. I'm the praying kind and would be honoured to pray for your Oma. Please keep us posted.


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