Cloud Art

Oh I despise thee! And top it off with subbing in a class with no specials today and a few toughies? Well I earned my money today!

I'm a busy lady this week! I have nothing scheduled yet tomorrow, but that can always change. And then I've got ELD/Resource Wednesday and I'm in 4th grade Thursday and Friday.

So last week I got to sub in a 1st grade class and we got to do cloud art. Oh I loved it!!! First I read Little Cloud by Eric Carle.

Then we took blue construction paper, three blobs of white paint (about a size of a dime each) and took straws and blew! Then we wrote a sentence using the frame, "My little cloud changed into a _______."

Teacher example :) Not mine, the regular teacher!

My little cloud changed into a fish.

I so see the chicken! And a heart?

My little cloud changed into a duck. 

It was fun listening to them help each other and hear things like "Well if you rotate it this way it looks like  mouse, but turn it the other way and it looks like a flower." Hehe. We ended up with ducks, chickens, fish, a mermaid, balloons, a bear, flowers, cars, a helicopter, and a few other things!

So much fun!



  1. Those are so cute. Looks like a fun activity:))

    Surfin' Through Second

  2. What a great little lesson... lots of fun, some imagination AND some literacy :)

  3. So cute and looks like so much fun! Love how you have used the art to display the kiddies' writing!! Happy rest of the week to you ~ x
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  4. Hmmm... That looks familiar ;) hehe. Hi Tanja-ja-ja! I googled Eric Carle Little Cloud art projects, hit images, and spotted a project that looked just like the one we did! I clicked on it, amazed that someone did thier example just like mine...then I felt really silly when I realized that it WAS. I love your blog, Im so glad I stumbled upon it :). See you soon!


    1. Hehehe :) Yep, it was so brilliant, I had to share with the world!!!!! See you soon!


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