New Year's Linky

So my buddy Jen  is having a linky party. This will be my last linky this year (had you there for a moment right?)

I adore that button!

So you are supposed to put 2 resolutions. One personal and one blogging.

Personal: To be more organized!

Blogging: I want to be better blogger and not just blog about products (though I will still do that). More photos, ideas, crafts, etc.  I have an exciting idea that I'll introduce on Jan. 6th. I can't wait!

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Linking up again, this time with Amy Lemons!

Today it's about downtime. 

What do I plan to do in my downtime? Hah that's a joke! 

When I have any spare time, I'm working on a project, blogging, pinning, or doing something with friends. I've planned some of my downtime.

I've decided to give myself some deadlines lol.

I also take time to read on my Kindle. I just finished reading:

Talk about twists and turns!

 My new favorite things is Google  Hangout. I video chat with some other bloggers, including Holly from Crisscross Applesauce and Squirrels. I do have a photo from one of our chats, but they'd kill me if I posted it haha! 

And spending more time with this precious furball. She's almost 10 years old (or so, don't know her  exact age) so I'm loving every minute with her!

You can join the linky party too!

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Organize It!

I'm linking up with Hope over at 2nd Grade Shenanigans. She's having a linky party for the new year and today's topic is organization!

Organizing and me, well I like it but I don't do it as often as I should! Although I've been known to help out teachers and their libraries because I like helping in other classrooms!

Here's how I organize around home!

The new rack I just put up last night in the bathroom. Love it! And baskets are a must! Those are all Longaberger baskets. Hopefully the bathroom will stay more organized now!

On the shelf, this cute box I got for Christmas is holding my rings and bracelets.

How I organize my every day stuff, sub jobs, blogging schedule, etc.

Plenty of room! I got it from the Paper Coterie!

So many spices, but this spice rack pulls out! Yep, from the tv infommercial found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Got this for Christmas. I have soooo many recipes from all these magazines and copies of recipes that I had them in two binders. 

Now they are in one place and separated by main dish, dessert, soup, salad, beverage, etc.!

My purses *ahem* that's only some of them. I'm known for my purses....but got this purse strap thing at The Container Store. And while I was there, this scarf hanger. All hanging on the back of my bedroom door. Love my new chevron infinity scarf I bought myself off of etsy!

Computer wise, I'm almost done organize. I have folders all in Dropbox. Then I have a ginormous folder of clipart. Then I broke that folder down into a file for holidays, people, cars, letters, etc. And I am making sure the artist name is in the folder too.

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Encouraging Local Artist

I love my parents. They really 'get' me. My mom always knows just the right things to get me or say to me. Take this Christmas for example. My list has two things on it that wanted. I didn't need anything, it was just two items that would be nice to have but not necessary.

Well I got them, plus more. My mom knows I adore Kelly Rae Roberts. I follow her blog, FB, and I have some of her paintings. I've also met her a few times and had her autograph two of my paintings. Not only is her stuff gorgeous, it's inspirational and motivating. If you love the stuff as much as I do, you  can go and buy from her shop or from Garden Gallery, my local shop. This is not a review or me getting anything out of it, I just want to share her encouraging messages!

So I was just thrilled to find this light switch and box as presents! The light switch says "hello love".

My collection of her stuff is growing. The day after Christmas, a local decor store that carries her stuff has their whole store 50% off. I was so there!

Hello Courage was my first Kelly Rae purchase. Shine brightly  was what I got at the sale.

The box I got at the 50% off sale.


One of several banners she has.

She has so many products from calendars to ornaments. Each item has a message. I just have to simply glance up for that encouragement or reminder. So these were more than presents, they are encouragement! 

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Merry Christmas

Checkers and I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season!

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The Best and Brightest of 2012

I'm linking up with Christina over at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge.

She's having a cute linky party:

Best thing I did this year? Sign up with TpT! It's amazing how many people across North America (and around the world) are using my products in my store. It humbles me to think about this.

My best blog post? According to my stats, it was when I shared a behavior incentive and some new blogs.

My favorite blog post? I really love them, but I think it's my post pinned item on Pinterest right now... That would be my quick time fillers.

My most popular product? It was my community helpers, but with winter and Cyber Monday, my 12 Days of Holidays surpassed it.

My favorite product? I love them all but I'm really digging my latest one...Reading Activities for Any Book.

My favorite bloggers? Sorry, too many to list! But here are some of them :)

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10 Winter Break Boredom Busters

I know, I know winter break just started for many. But those of you with kids will probably hear, "I'm bored!" at one point. So in case you need some ideas, here's my

Graphics by Ashley Hughes (The School Supply Addict)
The 3 AM Teacher
Glitter Meets Glue Design
Font HelloBabyGirl (Jen Jones)
1. Visit places around your city. Walk around town, stop at a park, visit a museum or your library. There are free things to do in your town and maybe your library has events going on!

2. Bake cookies. Whether it's for you, a cookie exchange, or your neighbors, baking cookies lets you have quality time with the kiddos. And they'll enjoy decorating (and licking the spoon!)

3. Movie night! Break out the popcorn and curl up on the couch or floor with a blanket and watch a family movie.

4. Indoor snowball fight. Gather any paper you have, even newspaper , and crumple it up. Then declare a snowball fight and have at it!

5. Snowflakes. Whip out the paper and scissors and have the kiddos make snowflakes. They'll have fun and get into the winter spirit.

6. Look at Christmas lights. One city about 20 minutes away is known for their Christmas lights in several neighborhoods. We used to take drives around town to look at the lights. Or even stroll through my town.

7. Hot cocoa party. Invite friends or neighbors over and have some hot cocoa (and cookies).

8. Crafts. Whether it's Christmas or a regular craft, Pinterest is a fabulous place to spark the imagination. Kids will be creative with even just paper and crayons!

                                                                                                 Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

9. Indoor (or outdoor) scavenger hunt. Write clues or draw picture hints and have your kiddos go on a scavenger hunt. The prize could be a candy cane or some small little trinket!

10. Build a fort. I remember the joys of building a fort and hiding inside. Curling up inside with a book and flashlight.

Hopefully these give you some ideas and help break the winter break boredom!

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5 Go To Stocking Stuffers

I'm usually good with Christmas shopping, but was a big ol' procrastinator this year and just finished the rest of it today.

I think I scored too! And I'm sooooo excited my scarf I ordered my mom came today instead of the 26th like it said it was. Whew!.

So I don't remember if I told you had I got uber upset because darlin' Dad decided to buy himself  the Kindle Fire my mom and I had planned for MONTHS to buy him for Christmas. He bought it Cyber Monday and now feels reeeeeallly guilty. As he should. Hahha just kidding :)

So I got him an Amazon gift card to buy books with and a nice leather Kindle Fire Cover.

For my mom, I got this cute grey leopard print scarf, a candle warmer and a ton of scents! Also Hungry Girl to The Max!


But my favorite part? Oh yeah, the stocking stuffers!!! Wal-mart had single dvds for under a buck! I also snatched up at the mall, my dad's fave coffee and a pair of earrings for my mom. And my go to? Scratch-off lottery tickets!

So here are my 5 go to stocking stuffers:
1. Scratch-off lottery tickets
2. Gift cards
3. Nail polish/lip gloss/body lotion
4. Favorite coffee/tea
5. Favorite candy

Scratch offs are cheap and fun. Gift cards allow the person to buy the item they want ( and for your favorite teacher, there are TpT gift certificates...hint hint!). Beauty products are small but meaningful. Coffee/tea are a useful item. And who doesn't love candy, especially if it is their favorite?

What's in your stocking?

Paper: Me
 Frame: Tales From Outside The Classroom
Stockings: The 3 AM Teacher

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Reading Activities For Any Book!

I had another blogger buddy comment on how she needed guided reading activities for substitutes, for any book. And I thought that was a brilliant idea! So I created a pack called Reading Activities For Any Book.

It's got activities for before, during, and after reading. There are also pages for character, plot, setting, and resolution! I also created it with lines and dotted lines, for the younger students.

And because I'm so excited about this product, I'm giving it away to the first 3 people that leave an e-mail in a comment!

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