Fab Friday!

T.G.I.F! It was a long week, but a good one. Back in the same class as yesterday and today was even better than yesterday! I hate to say it, but it helped that the one naughty kid was gone.

Those kids were soooooo slow to do things though! Something that should have taken 2 minutes tops, took 10. Now you might think a sub would like that, but no! I feel like that we could have gotten so much more accomplished if they weren't dawdling lol. Sweet kids, quite, and very good. I described them to my mom and she said they sounded like Stepford kids hahaha! I'm serious though, they were all at their tables, writing quietly and turning over the papers.

So knowing that my kiddos were a little bit on the slow working side, I did everything I could to help speed them along. Prompting on the board, directions on the board, and laying out the materials on their desks.  It did help!

And the thing is, the class is a split, 2/3. So the 3rd graders were more capable and I had to help the 2nd graders, which are the majority of the class.  Today in math, we tens addition. I did a quick lesson and taught them that the column on the right was just 0's so that part was easy. Then to cover up the 0's on the right and just add the numbers on the left. So for example, 70+20 now looked like 7+2 to them and they knew to add the 0.

One of the 2nd graders, who kept having me check answers yesterday, was oh so confident today with this little trick. She even helped her tablemate with it. I was so proud! She even said, "Oh it's easy, you just hide the 0's and look at the left column!"  Whatever tricks to help them out.

And I was told that I have a great 'remembery'  aka memory. Hehe.

Happy weekend!

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  1. I'm glad your second day with the same class went better. I'm glad you have such a great "remembery" and are using it to help the students you teach :)
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