Week Recap and More!

Blech. That's the sound of me fighting some cold a little lovely shared with me.

I worked Tuesday in 4th grade and SLP. I worked Wednesday in 2nd grade. I worked yesterday in 2nd and it was hooooorible. The teacher has no management. And I accepted 5 days next month in his class. I believe I'll be creating a punch card for behavior and have a game time or something as reward on the 5th day.

I also have another week long job in October and the teacher just told me that I can pick a lesson/topic to teach that week. I'm stoked!!!!!! She says they love art, so I'm going to pull down my elementary art binder from college and look through there.

I already have two days next week, 1st grade and ELD resource. I think this is the most I've worked and been booked at the beginning of the year!

I'm part of Corinna's giveaway!

You can win any 1 item from my store!

And I'm also one of the featured freebies in the Teachers Notebook Newsletter!

Now I'm off to relax and hopefully finish one of the four products I'm working on!


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