Time Out Tuesdays: Pajamas and Laughs

Today, a bit of laughs and smiles, and a bit of inspiration!

How excited was I that I got called in to a certain school today because it's pajama day!!! They are doing Red Ribbon Week and today was putting your dreams ahead (dreams=sleep=jammies!) So I brought jammies along just in case I got the day wrong and so happy to see the prinicpal in jammies.

I saw a kiddo in a footsie pajama and he said, "Ms. T, is it pajama day?" with a look of fear in his eyes and I said yes and the fear washed away. "Good! Cuz I have pajamas on!" Oh I was tempted to tell him no for a moment but that would have been too cruel lol.

One of my kiddos kept shouting outside, "Pajama power!"

And then one was yelling "Photosynthesis!" and making zapping noises. Oh did I mention I was in first grade today? So that's awesome he's using vocabulary like that.

And then I read a story called Mrs. Murphy's Marvelous Mansion whose main theme is that it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, it's the inside that counts. 

I also got a text message that made me grin. A friend of mine sent it in the morning and he said, "I saw a license plate that said ABC's and it made me think of you." Hahaha how cute! He is impressed that I deal with kids and I let him deal with bad guys (he's a cop and worked with my dad). I see it as a win-win!

So no real theme/message today except for gather up those precious, smiley moments and store them up and write them down!  And of course that you are beautiful inside and the outside doesn't matter :)

This pic makes me laugh and has the message, so it's a perfect combo!


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