Leaves, leaves, everywhere!

Funny how as I had decided to talk about leaves, the wind picks up and the leaves are swirling everywhere that JUST got raked yesterday. *sigh*

I'm not going to even talk about my day today (yes, that bad) and just skip to my main focus...leaves!

I've already posted a project I did with leaves and crayons and a hot plate, but wanted to post something even simpler and still cute.

Last week when I was in the snarling kindergarten class (today almost made me wish I was back in that class, ALMOST), I found myself with 20 minutes scheduled at the end of the day that the teacher had scheduled nothing but cleaning up. But there was nothing to clean up. Thankfully I spotted that little tidbit before specials.

So I grabbed a book of the shelf she wanted me to read: Fresh Fall Leaves

I opened to the last page (got to love picture walking before the kids get there) and found this:

Oops took the pic upside down hehehe. Well you get the picture (literally!) :)

And I grabbed a sheet of white paper and drew (I didn't trace one thing!)

I ran off 26 copies.

Then when the kids came back, I read the story. We talked about the colors of the leaves and the shapes and have they seen them before. Then I sent them off with this paper and they colored. They were so cute and said that there are no blue or purple leaves and then listed all the colors there are. I did end up with a random blue or purple leaf, but got mostly yellow, orange, red, brown, and a few green ones.

I let them take it home, but they could always have cut them out and used them on a bulletin board or put them in windows (actually their class is the only one in the whole school with no windows!).

Easy and simple and they loved it and it took up the 20 minutes that could have been pure chaos/panic but instead had a story and coloring (fine motor skill practice!) and made a connection to the story and what they see outside.



  1. Hi there! That was a cute idea! We do a unit on Seasons in first grade and I will probably use this for next year. It sounds like you are a great substitute! Thanks for sharing! :0)


    Stop Over to Teaching Tales

  2. Thanks for stopping by!

    It's tough being a substitute sometimes but I love the kiddos! :)



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