Time Out Tuesday: Grin and Go On

Oye vey what a day...and all I did was work a half day! But in kinder, even a half day can be exhausting. And I had two groups. In these kind of situations, I just have to grin and go on.

 My first group was pretty good. During a read aloud, a girl blurted out, "Awkward!" and I had to stifle a laugh. And in my second group, a boy pushed some kids and then snarled at me. I was shocked but wiped the shock off my face quickly and guess who spent lunch in the office?

Times like these I want to scream, give up, and shout. But I always try to find something positive, because a yelling and screaming teacher is no good to the kiddos or myself and won't accomplish anything. I take a deep breath and go on and praise those doing good. And I look for the positive stuff going on. Like the kiddo that just last month was supposed to use scissors was handling them properly and being a little teacher helper. Or the kiddo that offered to help another with their coloring. And how about when I dropped them off at lunch and I hear "Bye Ms. T!" from those little voices. And as I was at the door to leave, I hear a "Ms. T, please say you are going to be our sub tomorrow!" And that just melts my heart. And yes, I happen to be subbing for that class tomorrow...gotta brace myself.

And worst case scenario, I come home to my little furball Checkers. My goofy faced cat (I don't tell that to her face though!) that bumps against me for love. Who squeezes under the screen door so she can 'beat' me in the house. And who puts her paw on the door to help me move along faster.  I always have that to look forward to when I have a not so good day :)

My beautiful Checkers :)



  1. You cat is GORGEOUS! Pets make everything better...usually.
    Don't you just love when one of those babies says something sweet like that?

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. Thanks Jennifer :)

    My little furball adopted me one day six years ago by showing up at my house. She's come a long way since then (used to be 1/2 wild) and now I can't imagine not having her.

    And yes, those little comments the kiddos make can make everything better :)


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