I survived :)

I survived subbing on Halloween and the day after! Those to me, are two of the worst days ever to sub/teach lol. That and right after Christmas break because the kids have fallen into their old habits and have to get back into the school routine.
I had an awesome weekend. Friday night I had my Halloween party. I can now finally reveal what I was hehe. I was a love bug!

My tutu and socks

Antenna and boa :)

The whole outfit. Sorry but can't flip lol.

And then on Saturday I went to a pumpkin carving party. It was dinner first, then the carving.  SO much fun! It was my first ever carving party :) I brought pumpkin spice cupcakes and put candy corn on top. They were so yummy!  Here are some of the pumpkins . I made a spiderweb pumpkin.

My friend Adam's tree.

A ghost that says Boo, quite literally :)

My spiderweb and drawn spider :)



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