Time out Tuesday: I'm linking up!

For Time Out Tuesday I'm linking up with What the Teacher Wants! She is having a Thanksgiving linky party and you say what you are thankful for.

1. What I'm thankful for was that today went smoothly. The kids were great and I had an AWESOME lit group discussion. They were reading about organisms. One group, well we had the BEST discussion about how cells attack bacteria. The kiddos likened it to a battle of good versus evil. And when time was up, they didn't want to go but the next group wanted to come because they wanted to have fun learning, they said lol.

2. I'm thankful for my family and friends. I have some awesome friends that have made my life so much better over the last few years. And my family (well more so the parental units) are very supportive and loving.

3. 3 blogs that I'm thankful for?
Well that would be TBA. I'm thankful they allowed me on board and thankful my little ol' blog is still trucking along thanks to them :)

I'm thankful for A Teeny Tiny Teacher. I look forward to her blog postings for a good laugh, especially on a tough day :)

And it's tough to narrow it down to a third, but I'm thankful for Going Nutty! I love her style and she makes me laugh too!

Guilty pleasure? Pinterest...well that's not a guilty pleasure. You all know I'm addicted. Hmmm Glee? Yes that's my guilty pleasure.

I'd write more but I'd be writing a ton and also I have a meeting to run to!

Hope you all have safe travels and yummy food this Thanksgiving!

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