Happy Hump-Day!

Yay it's Wednesday, hump day! And with Veteran's Day, that means tomorrow is 'Friday'. I sub in kinder tomorrow, but a class I've already been in and they are much calmer than the ones I've had the last two days.

Speaking of kinder, my class did pretty good today. I got told I was beautiful (warms my heart) and heard two girls go from enemies to best friends in a span of two minutes. They had argued on the playground calling each other names and I had a little pow wow with them about how it hurts our insides when we get called names and made them shake hands and apologize (totally thought of the crumpled paper thing I've been seeing around blog land and pinterest!). And I just about giggled when I heard a girl say "OOOH look at all the colors!" when I opened a box of fresh crayons. Girl after my own heart!

And I'm looking foward to Saturday with the Virtual Teaching Expo on teaching tips. There will be great classes with awesome speakers, a fantabulous goodie bag worth $50!!!!, and a chance to win superb prizes. Sign up now before Saturday because you get $10 off right now! I'll be attending...will you?

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  1. I'm your newest follower! Great Blog!
    stop by teaching fashionista
    Have a GREAT long weekend!! YAY

  2. Thanks Melissa! Yay :)

    I hope you have a great long weekend too! And sure, your blog is my next stop!

  3. Hello Miss T!
    I loved the story about Mr. T....and I love it when they call me beautiful.... I had one little boy tell his mommy I was the most beautiful teacher ever, when she asked him why he told her because I wore lipstick everyday.....! Lipstick is all it takes....wow they are so disillusioned!!!

    I am your newest follower!
    Going Nutty!

  4. Thanks Staci :)

    Aww what a cute story. The girl told me I was beautiful because of my earrings lol.


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