Friday, Kinder, and Farm Animals...

Happy Friday! I had a great day in kinder. Full of laughs and crazy moments. I was in love with the management and routines in the class. I saw some cuuuute ideas that I thought you'd like to see. Better brush up on your Espanol! Hehehe don't worry, I'll translate :)

So the teacher took a cow, stapled on a glove filled with some liquid, and put on the sentence saying the cow's milk. The beginning letter and punctuation are in red. Everytime the kiddos get a drink of water, this is what they see. She told them if they squeeze it, they have to read the sentence. Too cute! You could do something tactile for every theme/unit! Plus they get to read :)

Their theme is animals/food so isn't this perfect? The kiddos loved moving this around. Oh and the label is for the teacher's desk, el escritorio :) You could swap out the magnets with every theme too.

And this is the "Mexican Museum". This is up year round (I remember it from last year lol) but you could totally switch it up for every theme.

I had a kiddo tell me "Te gusta tu mucho mucho!" And I said "Mucho, mucho?" And she said, "Si!!!!" Awww warms my heart. Oh, btw that translates to "I like you very much!" Hehe :) My Spanish gets better with practice. In cases like these, the teachers know they'll have an English speaking sub so leave English stuff, but I can do basic things in Spanish like colors, calendar, numbers, and can say several phrases and get the point across.

I also have some VERY exciting news....but just to be safe won't say anything until it's offically revealed :D I'm SUPER excited and honored.


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