Feeling blah

So I had this whole great idea for a post and what I was going to say and show you all and then one, the picture website isn't working and two, I feel like blah.

My stomach hurst and I have been sipping tea and curled up in a blanket the last two days.

I did make it out to the Dollar Tree and purchased a few lots of items. Seriously though people, Christmas, Dollar Tree, and Pinterest combined can be deadly. But awesome!  I cannot wait for next week for the TBA Christmas week so I can show you what I made, but I have to wait til craft day!

Today I bought bells, snowflakes, and silver ornaments. It'll be my second version of what I made. But cannot say more lol.

Ohhhhh and I found these magnets at the DT. They had letters, numbers, sight words, colors, and short/long vowels.  And with pictures!

So I can see patterns and grouping being used with this

Math games or math center with this!

Picture/letter match up or sound game.

I didn't buy the sight words or the long/short vowels because, well I had to stop or I'd buy a ton lol.

So I thought my trip was pretty successful for my Christmas crafts (2 new ones!) and the unexpected surprise of the magnets. I would be so upset if I didn't buy it because I'd be regretting it the whole time. Do you ever get like that too? Regret not buying something?


  1. Thanks for sharing your find. These are great, and I will definitely be making a trip out now! I buy so that I don't have the regret feeling, I figure I can always return it if I decide I was too impulsive!
    Pam@Kindergarten Night Owls

  2. Lol that's true, returning them.

    I'm just that way, I'd regret not buying it, especially at a dollar a piece!

    Hope you find them at your store :)

  3. I have a shopping addiction, especially when it comes to items priced at a dollar, so I really can't answer that question for you! Can't wait to see your craft!!!

    Miss Kindergarten
    Target Treasures

  4. Yay for fellow shopping addicts! Hehehe :)

    Yeah at a dollar, you really can't go wrong.

    I'm loving my finished craft which is what I'll share next week. One of my new projects didn't quite turn out how I envisioned, but still pretty cute. And I have a third project which I was going to do tomorrow but now I am subbing so I guess I will wait until Wednesday :)

  5. Another teacher and I at our school are known as the "It was ONLY a DOLLAR" girls! Yes, we too, have a HUGE addiction to the Dollar Tree and the Dollar Spot at Target. As sick in bed as I am today, I will wish myself better so I can RUN over to all 3 of our Dollar Tree's to find those magnet words. Perfect to use with my word wall and my board math! Thank you for sharing!


  6. Aww feel better Jeannie!

    Love your guys' nickname hehehe.

    Yeah Target, Dollar Tree, *sigh* they make me happy lol.


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