Saturday Plans

I was so going to post a picture of one of my Pinterest inspired creations, but need to upload the picture and my parents needed to borrow my camera because their battery was dying. They're off to something this morning and then this afternoon my mom and I are going to do some shopping.

Two of my favorite stores...Target and Michaels! Yay!!! I'm going to be getting some canvases at Michaels because it's BOGO and I want to do a spin on the crayon melt on Pinterest. I saw something REALLY cute that I want to try.

And speaking of Target, I love the lady in the commericials. I would have remembered this commericial if they aired it last year on the West Coast, so must have been East Coast only last year.
 This commercial makes me laugh (maybe because it's something my mom and I would so do?!?!) but the song gets stuck in my head lol.

Also, have you heard about Learning Earnings? The school I was at on Tuesday started using this program and it's working great so far. Kiddos can earn e-bucks and actually get cool prizes when they redeem them. They can even save a puppy or kitten! Or they can save up for games, video stuff, etc.  They log in and add up their bucks that the teachers have entered online and then can build up their account. They can even play educational games to earn more bucks.


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