Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving! I made sure I didn't gobble till I wobbled :) But I did eat quite a bit of yummy food that my momma and I made.

We had a wonderful time serving lunch at the church. Several kiddos from the community were there to eat the free meal. But I also saw some of my kiddos there serving :) I got the honor of serving salad and croutons. I served that salad darn well too, with a smile!

Oh and I think I have a new addiction (new to me, old thing though)... eBay! I bid and won and now I'm bidding on 3 other things. Speaking of which, there is one ending in 2 minutes. Got to go! Wish me luck :D And be careful out there tomorrow shopping! I'll be home in my pajamas and maybe venture out midday lol.


  1. Love the pic you shared of your kitty on TBA. We just rescued a kitten that has many of the same colors. :)


    Erin Klein

  2. That's my kitty Checkers. She adopted me 6 years ago when she showed up at my house. Love my little calico baby.

    How nice of you to rescue the cat :)

    ~ Tanja


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