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One of the things I love most about being a sub is seeing so many ideas in the classroom. I swear I'm always writing stuff down on papers or copying a worksheet or taking pictures so that I have this all down when I get my forever home someday :)

It's also one of the reasons my teacher friends like me (not the only reason, but one of the reasons lol) because they are always on the look out for new ideas and I see so many and in different districts too. That's part of the reason why I love having a blog so I can see others ideas and share ideas with all of you wonderful teachers too!

Last week I was in kinder for three days in two different classes, but since they were at the same school, they were working on the same stuff and I loved what I saw. (Remember the snarler kid? I'm in his class tomorrow *sigh*)

A lot of the kiddos were having trouble pronouncing and seperating the difference of the letter 'b' and the letter 'v'. So the teachers made these adorable and simple  posters (you could do them for any/all letters!)

Forgive my phone again, but it came out pretty well! So on the letter 'b' there is beach ball, banana, butterfly, bus, ballerina, binoculars, bicycle and balloons.  "V" has van, vase, violet, vacation, veternarion, veil, and violin.
I was going to save this for another post but decided it was too cute to wait and you could do it now for Thanksgiving, but the teacher also had a "words we use" spot.

This is obviously for Halloween and the words that the kids might frequently use for writing. Oh my goodness I am SO going to do this or something similar. I know I saw something like this in a blog the other day where the teacher put the words/pics at her writing station, but I love this on the wall so that all the kids can see and it adds color.

Hope you all enjoy these and get inspired by these. I know I do !


  1. I always loved subbing for this same reason! I took a TON of pictures. I love that Words We Use board! That is awesome.

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. I love it so much too. I sometimes think, "Uh why didn't I think of that!" I can already imagine doing this for Thanksgiving, Christmas, any holidays, and any theme/unit that is being worked on. Amazing!


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