Chart it up!

I love observation charts! I love how the kiddos can be exposed to pics that get them thinking, wondering, and discussing with their group. I've seen them used from first grade and up. But last week I saw them used in kinder and it made me curious.

The teacher wrote " I see"  on all the posters. The pictures were fall related with a scarecrow, pumpkin and apples.

The kiddos also wrote "I see" (great sight word practice) and then she wrote sentences on the bottom for those that wanted to copy it too. How cute are these?!

And she labeled it (can we say GLAD training? It rocks!)

Next to it was a cognitive chart.

She has lifecycle on there twice because she teaches 2 classes and just covers up one side :)
I can tell the kids guess that lifecycle had to do with bicycle how she underlined cycle...or she helped with that clue :) And then posted a meaning. And it looks like none of her kiddos had heard that word either because I see 26 and an ear crossed out :)

Now let's move on to first grade and look at their observation charts!

A poem and the charts. The charts each were the shape of a leaf ! The one you can see here has leaves on it. Another one had seeds and a third had flowers and a bee (they just started a plant unit). I went up and looked at the charts and the kids did a great job sayin  "I see", or "I notice", or "I observe".

The teacher also wrote on the leaf a sentence of her observation, to model. I took a pic of it but it isn't loading :/  Oh well. This gives you a good idea though, of what they are doing.


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