A Simply Satisfying Saturday...

Like my alliteration in my title? Hehe :)  I woke up this morning and my first thought was, "Is it time for the Virtual Teaching Tips Expo?" I looked at my clock and saw I had enough time to make a scrambled egg burrito and to scan a few blogs before it started. Remember, I'm West Coast and it started 11 am EST...which is 8 am for me lol.

So with a full tummy, ready to learn and watch, I jumped onto my laptop (well not jumped, log on...don't want to break it!) and logged on. Nice thing about the expo was that I could sit here, unprettified and in my pajamas! Yay!

I had no idea what to expect as this was my first Virtual Teaching Expo. And oh my goodness, I loved it!
I got to see four great ladies share advice and wisdom that I can so take into consideration whenever I have my own classroom. I can even use that stuff now as a sub, which I'm so excited about.

From organizing, to RTI, to classroom management, and to making learning fun, I got soooo many ideas. Thanks ladies! Plus everyone that attended got a goodie bag worth $50 of download material. And 3 lucky people won gift cards (have fun shopping!).

I was already in a great mood from this, pumped up and excited when I remembered that just down the road (literally 2 minutes), they opened the annual Christmas bazaar that they hold in the old barn. It's over 80 years old and they have stuff up in the loft.  And I live in the town of Hubbard and the bazaar is called Mother Hubbard's Cupboard (cute isn't it!).

I took pictures (don't know if I'm supposed to so shhhhhhhhh) to show you how incredibly cute it is there!

Ok this is from my phone so excuse the quality but isn't the tree garland adorable! Pinterest came to my mind lol. These trees have a bit of batting stuffed in them and strung on twine. Too cute.

I took this pic because of the cute items in the loft, but to also show you it really IS in a barn! This is the loft I'm in.

They also have a bottom part, so there are 3 levels. The bottom has most of the fabric related items like aprons, purses, and food.  The main level has most of the decorations and quilts/blankets. The loft usually has kid stuff but they rearranged this year. You can also get soup here for lunch. Or a bag of free popcorn on the way out as you pay for your purchases.

I'm part of an ornament exchange (al over the US) so I bought a few ornaments (all for under $5!) and a few things for myself...oooh almost forgot that I wanted to post pics about something else I bought and I should try to make, some adorable pop bottle magnets. I included some other stuff (ornament and decor) that I bought :)

*taps fingers* Ok still waiting for the computer to acknowledge I sent the photo from my phone. Really want to post this blog...YAY it showed up phew...was running out of things to say lol.

Aren't all of these adorable? Top left is ornament. Bottom 5 are magnets. The apple for sure as a teacher, a heart, an owl (reminded me of Kristin at  A Teeny Tiny Teacher), a buttefly, and another heart. I could have bought so many more magnets! Restraint...restraint...and to think, it's only 2 minutes from my house *sigh*

I hope all of you are having a super splendid Saturday!



  1. I loved reading your expo. review! I am so happy that you had such a great day at the expo. and at Christmas bazaar. You are such an encouraging person. ☺

  2. Aww shucks *blushes* All of you are so inspiring and encouraging too! Lol :)

    Yes I loved the expo! I'm already eyeing the elementary expo hehehe :)

  3. Miss T, I'm really enjoying your blog. From the way you write, I can tell that you are an extremely kind, generous, and loving person. Thank you for being you!! :)


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