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Ahhh Sunday. Still part of the weekend but you back up to the dreaded Monday.

Today I met up with a friend at 9 this morning, and my parents came too, and another family was supposed to be there but totally forgot we planned it ...woops! Still love ya Liz and Tony! This was the third year we've gone outside to the memorial and put blue Christmas lights up on the memorial for 2 fallen officers (and for the chief, but he is alive, yay!)

Anywhoo, we decorated the memorial (we'll put up wreaths later) and then went to Starbucks. Our little gathering turned into discussing next year's auction (did I tell you all that I'm in charge of decorations because they were so impressed this time around?!?!? I even get a no limit budget, within reason lol).

I'm kind of dreading tomorrow...I work 4 days this week. Tomorrow is kinder, then 1st two days, then kinder (different one) and have nothing for Friday yet. But kinder. After a  5 day break. Yeesh.

So let's change the topic shall we? Hehe. Oh I know, I'll post a pretty picture from something Pinterest inspired (no this isn't the one I was so excited about the last few weeks, that I am saving for December!)

I made an ornament wreath. Well sort of. It turned into more of a 1/2 wreath.  You just need ornaments (kind of like several tubes from Dollar Tree), a wire hanger, and ribbon (optional).

Straighten out the wire hanger and then make into a circle. Then slip all the ornaments on to your heart's desire. I alternated colors and size of ornaments. Squish them close together until it's as full as you want and wire it shut. I wrapped ribbon around and made a bow. I just need a place for it now....

Oh and my tree is up! And decorations! And lights on the house!

Don't you just love this ornament tree? It's fabulous!



  1. I heart Pinterest projects!!! Pinterest is soooooo pinspiring! :)

    Your project turned out mucho cute!

    Have a great week!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  2. Yes, I love Pinterest projects. In fact I went to Michael's this weekend because they had canvases on sale and I want to try the cryaon melt project.

    Can't wait!

    Thanks, I love the ornament wreath a lot too!

    And you have a great week too!


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